Welcome to Scarlett

Hello and welcome to Scarlett. A very nervous standard poodle. But very sweet.

Her mum told us at the end of the session, that she had never laid down in a therapy session anywhere before. So we were super proud of how well she relaxed for us!

She was no stranger to physio, but her mum decided she needed to try somewhere closer, so she came to us. She has had chonic back pain for many months. So we did our assesment and treatment. We were pleased to say she responded really well to the massage. So we set her up with a home massage regime and some core strengthening work.

She is doing really well, though it has been complicated by other illnesses that have occured during our time together. But mum is doing all she can to keep scatlett happy and comfy.

Keep up the good work mum and Scarlett!

Welcome to Caymen



Hello and welcome to caymen. Such a sweet and cuddly Eraser. Not a common breed at all, so lovely to see.

His mum is so loving and vigilant. She saw some movement in his back that she worried was back pain.

So she came for physio to make sure there was nothing to worry about and get some help if anything was found.

As it happened the movement seen was normal reflexes so he was fine. But it was great to highlight some other areas for improvement.

So moral of this blog. Always good to go for an MOT as you never know what you might find. If you are ever worried, always worth getting a check up as it means alot to sleep well at night. Seemingly random findings are not likely to be a serious problem, but treating them early and making small adjustments can extend how long there is before that small issue becomes a big one, so well worth doing.

Well done mum! Keep up the good work. We love that all our clients are so loving and caring.

Welcome to Tonka



Hello and welcome to Tonka. Possibly the most humungous dalmatian we have ever seen!

So so sweet. His mum felt he had been very uncomfortable for a week and it had got progressivly worse. The vet also was unsure of what was going on but found some possible back pain. So he was sent for physio.

On most of the exam there was very little to find. Until we did a spinal extention check and found some discomfort in the lower back. Its possible this is linked to disk problems.

So he has been referred back to the vets for further investigation and referral.

We await the specialists report from the x-rays, but there was an amazing odd turn of events. When asleep it was noticed he had incredible amounts of stomach gas. This is often associated with a GDV. Since having this reduced he has been much better! Its is highly unusual for this to happen with so little symptoms as GDV can be fatal within hours.

So this fascinating case is keeping us all on our toes and reminding us all to think outside the box. We look forward to more information from the orthopeadic specialist.

We will then likely work on core strengthening programes.

Keep up the good work mum and Tonka. We'll have our answers soon!

Welcome to Skipper

Hello and welcome to Skipper. He is such a sweetheart. 

This beautiful Springer is a well loved boy. His mum noticed him "clicking". We have all heard clicking in ourselves and others, but for skipper it seemed to get worse and there seemed to be some consistencies. So mum wanted to be sure there was nothing wrong. So she took him to the vet who did some x-rays and investigation. They found nothing wrong. So they suggested physiotherapy. 

So mum has now brought Skipper to us. He was a very good boy, though a little nervous. This was fine as we put him at ease. We did hear the "click" a few times. We also found some muscle imbalance and his abdominal muscles we not as strong as his limb muscles in comparison. We were unable to identify the source of the click at this time. But its clearly not painful.  The muscle imbalance in the limb was likely due to a minor injury and a lump removal done a few months previously. This does show the importance of physio in all minor injuries and minor surgeries, as this dog has healed very well, but was clearly not fully trusting that limb for quite some time. 

We are addressing all of this. But the main aim is to work on the core muscles to get some more strength and support in the back. Mum will also do a "click" diary to see if there is anymore clues in the patterns of the clicks.

Keep up the good work mum and Skipper. You're both doing great. Enjoy the excercises. They are fun! 



Welcome to Humphrey

Hello and welcome to Humphrey! What a lovely boy. We are pleased to now welcome the whole family as we also treat his brother from another doggy mummy! 

Poor Humphrey was happy and enjoying life when he suddenly went seriously weak in the hind. This breed are known for thier spinal issues and weaknesses. So mum got him to the vet but sadly he was not immensily compliant so he was put on cage rest, anti-inflammatories and to see us. 

We are pleased to say that he had made great peogress all by himself in only a few days! This is great news. But we are now managing the recovery as its important we look at reasons why it may have happened and address any core strength issues as these support the back. We also dont want him doing too much before he is genuinly recovered and off the medication. 

So we have set Humphyrey and mum up with a home excercise regime. 

Keep up the good work mum and Humphrey!