Welcome to Monty



Hello and welcome to Monty. So sweet. He had an intervertebral disk disease issue a few years ago that was fixed and everything seemed to be fine.

But then it seemed to happen again. The owner did really well and was very pleased with opting for conservative management, so no surgery. The healing was quite quick. But after approx 4 weeks, they noticed that the kyphotic (arched) spine shape had remained. So they decided to get us involved to help.

This can be the case due to chronic back pain grumbeling away and poor strength in the core muscles. So we reduced his excercise right down to a little and often regime so snap into a better walking posture. We also gave core strengthening excercises.

We are pleased to say Monty has responded really well and has now lost the arched back and is enjoying his walk regime again.

Well done Monty and family.

Welcome to Skipper

Hello and welcome to Skipper. He is such a sweetheart. 

This beautiful Springer is a well loved boy. His mum noticed him "clicking". We have all heard clicking in ourselves and others, but for skipper it seemed to get worse and there seemed to be some consistencies. So mum wanted to be sure there was nothing wrong. So she took him to the vet who did some x-rays and investigation. They found nothing wrong. So they suggested physiotherapy. 

So mum has now brought Skipper to us. He was a very good boy, though a little nervous. This was fine as we put him at ease. We did hear the "click" a few times. We also found some muscle imbalance and his abdominal muscles we not as strong as his limb muscles in comparison. We were unable to identify the source of the click at this time. But its clearly not painful.  The muscle imbalance in the limb was likely due to a minor injury and a lump removal done a few months previously. This does show the importance of physio in all minor injuries and minor surgeries, as this dog has healed very well, but was clearly not fully trusting that limb for quite some time. 

We are addressing all of this. But the main aim is to work on the core muscles to get some more strength and support in the back. Mum will also do a "click" diary to see if there is anymore clues in the patterns of the clicks.

Keep up the good work mum and Skipper. You're both doing great. Enjoy the excercises. They are fun!