Welcome to Hendrix



Hello and welcome to Hendrix. This very sweet pomeranian is very old. He has developed criciate disease. This can be more common when old as your muscle reduces and so there is less support for the joints.

As a small dog they do recover easier and are less lilely to require surgery. So Hendrix came for conservative management.

We did our assessment and set him and mum up with a home regime.

He had been making good progress prior to seeing us so we were confident the outcome would be favorable.

We are pleased to say Hendrix has already made a full recovery. Well done Hendrix and mum!

Welcome to Ricky

Hello and welcome to Ricky. Such a sweet Chihuahua!

Sadly they can commonly have knee problems and this one got hit with two of them. He had both a luxating patella and degenerated cruciate ligament.

He had a TTT which is a surgical correction to fix both at the same time. It went very well, and physio was the next step for the rehabillitation phase.

We set Ricky up with a home regime. He is doing really well and we look forward to getting him back to full health and function soon.

Keep up the good work mum and Ricky!

Welcome to Maverick



Hello and welcome to Maverick. Such a sweet little bean. This little angel had more than his fair share of anaesthetics. He has been a long sufferer of corns in his pads and had heart surgery. Then to top it all off he ruptured his cruciate ligament in his knee.

She had surgery and it went really well and he is now having physiotherapy. There has been significant muscle loss as the physio was not started until several weeks post operativly, but its totally fine as we can still sort it all out. We have started Maverick in a plan to get the muscle rebuilt gently but swiftly. He has got started on his return to work excercise program and he is doing wonderfully. We'll have him fighting fit in no time.

Keep up the good work mum and Maverick.

Welcome to Katie



Hello and welcome to Katie. Such a beautiful labrador.

She is young and silly and managed to rupture her cruciate ligament in her knee.

Mum was well experianced with this and got her straight to the referral specialist. He did his procedure to fix it. She has turned out to be one of the best recoveries we have ever seen!

She is using the limb so well. Our biggest challange is keeping her calm whilst the bone has time to recover fully.

We have set her muscle building program up and kept it gentle but progressive.

Keep up the good work mum and Katie.

Welcome to Heidi



Hello and welcome to Heidi. She is a beautiful young pointer. She is only 17months old.

One day she was out having fun and then went very lame. After a trip to the vets and some Nsaid's she recovered quickly. The vet had warned her it may be a cruciate rupture. As she recovered so fast and well, mum didnt worry further.

But then a few months later it happened again. So this time mum decided she wanted to try physio to see if that would help.

So we have set her up with a home regime that will build muscle and encourage good use of the limb again.

But sadly its diffucult in dogs over 15kg if it is cruciate damage. So we are giving it a go, but mum is aware she may need to go back to the vet for furtger investigation if we dont get good results soon.

Keep up the good work mum and Heidi. Surgery is always scary, so its worth exploring all options before making your decisuon, if you have the luxury of time.

Welcome to Hershy



Hello and welcome to Hershy. She has been doing very well in her later years but has sadly rescently deteriorated and needs some more help.

She has a calcifed disk in her neck, possible intervertrable disk disease and possible cruciate ligament disease. She has seen a specialist.

She has now been referred to us for physiotherapy to keep her comfortable.

We have done our assessment and set her up with a home regime of gentle range of movement work and some strengthening.

She has a very caring mum and together we can keep her comfortable in her golden years.

Keep up the good work mum and Hershy!

Welcome to Rosie

Hello and welcome to Rosie. She is such a dear little dog and well loved.

Sadly she has become sore and lame over the past few months. Her mum remembers the first occurance like it was yesterday! She ran after a rabbit amd that was that.

She recovered very fast though which was wonderful, but alas, the lamness came back regularly. The vet noticed the muscle atrophy and felt it was a mild cruciate disease.

So she has now come for physiotherapy. The criciate ligament has not ruptured fully and she is a small dog so she is more likely to be ok without surgery. Age is not on her side either, so although she could cope, it may not be the best option for her. So we are all trying the less invasive options first.

We have done her assessment and treatment and set her up with a home excercise regime. This does include some weightloss.

Mum is fully on board and we are likely to use ultrasound soon and get hydrotherapy involved in the multimodal approach to healing this patient.

Keep up the good work mum and Rosie. You can do it!

Welcome to Hugo

Hello and welcome to hugo.

This handsom man partially ruptured his cruciate ligament. His dad has been keen to do lots of research and really work out the best options for hugo before commiting him to major surgery. It is fair to say that no surgery is without risk, so well done to him for being so vigilant. He is also being very sensible and working with the vets advise to ensure he is safe to wait.

So Hugo has come for physiotherapy to work on the muscle building in the limb. This will add more support to the joint and give it a better chance of healing. Hugo is actually doing very well and has already recovered immensily from the original injury, so he maybe one of the lucky few that can manage the cruciate repair conservativly. The investigation and care plan will continue as we want to ensure we dont put him at a higher risk of arthritis complications later in life. 

Hugo is a lucky boy with a dedicated dad. Keep uo the good work Hugo and daddy.



Welcome to Jemima

Hello and welcome to Jemima.

Such a cute old lady. Very calm and very much enjoyed her treatment. 

She is well loved and cared for. She has had a few illnesses in her life. She has had pancreatitis and both of her cruciates have ruptured. This was 3 years ago now and her recovery was very good following TTA procedures. But she is now seeing us for her arthritis. In the last week her dad has seen her quickly deteriorate. The vets have done a full check but not found anything.

So she was referred for physio for her arthritis. Actually we were suprised to see how good her joints were! Her lameness suggested we were going to see big problems. But although she did have significant muscle wastage, she was actually showing good range of movement. 

So we did a full body massage and her stiffness was greatly relieved. It actually left us wondering if she has picked up a nasty achy muscle virus. 

We have given dad a home regime and we will see her again next week to see how she has gone. She deffinatly appreciated her massage! 

Keep up the good work dad and Jemima!



Welcome to Buttons

Hello and welcome to Buttons. Quite apt timing to have a buttons, as panto season approaches! 

But this was no laughing matter for this family. Poor Buttons ruptured his cruciate ligament. His surgery was delayed as he also has skin allergies and so skin infection was a complication that had to be resolved before surgery could happen. This is to insure there is no post surgical infections. 

The surgery was greatly successful and he was instantly more comfortable on the leg. He is now 4 days post surgery and already bearing more weight through the limb. 

We are now guiding the physiotherapy and teaching the owner what to do. Its early stages so its all about hot and cold compresses and passive range of motion to keep him comfortable. We will update the regime again next week. 

Mum has been a super star looking after him. Keep up the good work mum and Buttons.