CAM Now Stocking the Puppy Massage DVD!

We are proud anounce that CAM are now stockists of the Puppy Massage DVD.

CAM, Canine Arthritis Management, is an organisation close to our hearts. Hannah Capon MRCVS set this company up so help people learn that there is an extrordinary amount that can be done to ease arthritis. Its doesn't stop at just the medicine we get from the vet.

Donna has always had great passion for treatment of arthritis and has great success in improving the quality of life in the elderly.

The Puppy Massage DVD stuck a chord with Hannah as she also recognised the benefit in getting your dogs and owners used to massage at an early age. There are so many life long benefits to this, so calming and bonding, to knowing how to confidently do massage. This helps when an ailment occures, as you and the dog then have the base knowledge. Your rehab practioner can enhance your skill and guide to to specific areas to treat.

When it comes to easing arthritis we know that daily help is needed. There are many different modes of pain relief. Add them together to make the best pain control. This doesnt just mean drugs! Touch, balance, strength, and distraction are just some examples of totally non drug things that will induce pain relief. We just have to get the balance right for the specific patient as their disease progresses.

See the CAM website for more information on what you can do you help your dog with arthritis. Get your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD to help you start to learn full body massage. It doesnt matter what the age of your dog is...they are all our puppies at heart.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Animal Physiotherapy Ltd

Merry Christmas everyone , from me and Christmas Skunk!

We like to take this opportunity to update you on how the year has gone, and reflect.

We take time to remember our patients who have now departed. Each one of them leaves a hole in our hearts and is sadly missed as that made such an impact on our memories. It was a pleasure to meet all of them and to be able to help many loved ones in their later years.

We also welcome so many new patients. It’s wonderful to meet so many new and amazing personalities. If you want to see our stories on our new patients, then visit our facebook page or see the website blog.

It’s been an amazing year for our Puppy Massage DVD too! We had an incredible time at Crufts and still can’t believe we were featured on Cruft’s extra and interviewed by the amazing Clare Balding and Alan Carr. Both of whom are incredibly beautiful humble people. You can see the feature here. Its not too late to order your copy of the DVD too. It will make an awesome birthday gift for any dog, or owner.

It’s been an incredible year for learning too. The animal physiotherapy industry continues to grow and improve which is fantastic. As RAMP members, we attended the AGM and learnt how well the new voluntary register is ensuring higher standards in the industry. And more importantly there is a massive wealth of research being done now, so we are very proud to tell you we have done a crazy number of hours of learning this year (so far 141.5hrs to be precise) and we have found it all fascinating and passed that on to our patients. We now have an incredible number of patients enjoying their bedtime Camomile tea (and 2 patients insisting that its Tea Pigs!)

We look forward to a wonderful 2019 with lots of new patients, lots of new information and maybe the odd celeb moment in there too. You never know what will come!

May 2019 be wonderful for you and your love ones

Do follow our blogs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or anything else. Get in touch if you want to discuss any of your pet’s needs.

Get your Puppy Massage DVD in time for christmas

Christmas is fast approaching so get your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD in time for christmas.

It makes an awesome gift for any dog lover. Massage is great for any age dog and this DVD teaches home massage in a safe and easy to follow guide so its great for the oldies too!

This DVD was featured in crufts extra back in March and Clare Balding and Alan Carr both loved it! It also has the support of T.V. vet Paul Manktelow MRCVS and has a 5 star review from the president of the Brittish Veterinary Nursing Association.

Created by Donna Wills, RAMP and RCVS registered animal physiotherpist amd veterinary nurse. She has many years as an experianced musculoskeletal therapist and lectures in this field.

Get your copy today!

Big Dog Bed Company Now Stocking Puppy Massage DVD

Big Dog Bed Company Now Stocking Puppy Massage DVD

We are proud to announce that the Big Dog Bed Company are now Stocking Puppy Massage DVD

We are big fans of the Big Dog Bed Company. largely because our patients are big fans! We use a Big dog Bed Company bed for our treatments. It was a great investment. They off er a bespoke service so they come as you need them, so in your home they are very cosy and comfy.

We us, its foldable, easy to clean, supportive and comfy, waterproof, antibacterial, odour minimising, wipe down cover, 3 yr guarantee and Purple!

In the home it comes in a choice of colours and is machine washable. We love that it's actually hospital grade foam, so has a cross hatch system, which actually comes back up faster than memory foam. This makes it more ideal for an older god trying to get out of bed once its been squashed down.

A lot of love and care has gone into this company so take a look at what they offer.

And Thank you Big Dog bed company for supporting the Puppy Massage DVD.

Remember, the Puppy Massage DVD is a learning tool to help you get your Puppy confident with all over body touch. It even covers gum massage which will help with getting them used to tooth brushing and is relaxing. It helps you become confident with home massage. Making this an ideal early tool, ready for if then ever need rehab. And of course any older dog will always benefit from massage so learning to be confident in this will help you deliver safe effective home massage. Then, if you ever need a therapist to really work on the problem areas, they can advise you and update your skill so you can work together to make a perfect home regime for your dogs individual needs.

We are also blogging to CAM, the Canine Arthritis management foundation, so follow CAM to see our blogs and get up do date Arthritis care tips. arthritis care starts as a Puppy!

Image result for big dog bed company logo

Big dog bed Company now stocking the Puppy Massage DVD

Patient enjoying Bed!

Patient enjoying Bed!

Now stocked at Big Dog Bed Company

Now stocked at Big Dog Bed Company

Performance Dog – Now Stocking the Puppy Massage DVD

Performance Dog are now Stocking the Puppy Massage DVD

We are proud to announce that the Performance Dog website are now stocking the Puppy Massage DVD. We met them at Crufts 2018 and they were happy to support our DVD.

They supply books and DVD's and lots of other things that help creat happy rounded dogs.

Here is what they say about themselves:

"At Performance Dog, we are a small, knowledgeable and friendly team with a long and dedicated history of working with dogs. We understand the specialist needs of competitors and handlers who want the best for their working partners.

We offer the UK’s largest selection of dog books and DVDs, covering all aspects of care, behaviour and learning, plus sports equipment, therapy products and a brilliant range of interactive dog toys. We research all our products carefully and offer the best from the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia. Our suppliers include Clean Run, Dogwise, Tawzer Dog, Wicked Hounds, Clip N Go Agility and Tug-E-Nuff .

As Dogbooksonline we earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service. The new name Performance Dog better reflects the wide range of products we now offer, but the same old values apply; you, the customer, comes first.

If you have a question, please contact us. If you want a product you we don’t currently stock, we will do our best to source it for you.

We offer a free shipping service within the UK, as well as a next day delivery option, and international delivery. Our aim to dispatch all orders within one working day."

Performance Dog

Performance Dog

Thank you for stocking the Puppy Massage DVD Performance Dog! We are all working together to get the world massaging thier dogs. Start young and keep them healthy, happy and confident.

Now stocked at Performance Dog

Now stocked at Performance Dog

Anna Webb from BBC joining us!

Anna webb

Anna webb

So we have the amazing Anna Webb, co presenter of the barking hour in BBC London Radio, joining us at Crufts! Come along and meet her at 4.30 of the Thursday!

Anna is comming to learn some massage techniques. Anna is an incredible lady with a huge passion for dogs, especially her babies. They go everywhere with her and are so loved. Massage is a regular part of thier lives already. So Anna wants some extra tips to make her home massage even better.

Donna met first met Anna when she was the physio for The pet spa at Harrods, and working as a window display with her dog, Logan (he will also be at Crufts to meet). They have since done 2 radio features together, the latest being in the Puppy Massage DVD in Novemeber. We can't wait to meet her again!

Hall 1 stand 36! Soon after her BBC radio broadcast, The Barking Hour.

See you there!

Win our canine pamper hamper at crufts!

Canine pamper hamper

Canine pamper hamper

The count down is on and we are Crufting!

Come buy your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD, hall 1 stand 36 and get free entry into our prize draw. We will put in 1 prize for every 100 DVD's brought (whilst stocks last).

We cant wait to see you! Such an exciting week! Keep following for updates on our crufting!

Come see us at Crufts 2018!

Come see us at Crufts 2018!

We are so pleased to have our first CRUFTS stand. So please come see us at Crufts 2018! With our Puppy Massage DVD!

Crufts Stand

Crufts Stand

We are so excited! We can't wait to meet you all face to face. Get your chance to meet Donna, who produced the Puppy Massage DVD. We will have a competition running through out the even, to win a Canine Pamper Hamper. We will announce the items in ver the next few weeks. We also have the famous Anna Webb, co presenter of the Barking hour on BBC London Radio, joining Donna at 4.30 on the Thursday, to learn how to massage her own dogs.

There will be so much to see and do, Crufts is an excellent day out and a great place to shop for all your doggy needs.

Puppy Massage DVD

Puppy Massage DVD

The Puppy Massage DVD was designed to help owners get and extra deep bond with their puppy and get both owner and puppy confident with handling. It has life long benefits and CAN be started at any age. We all know there are immense benefits of massage throughout life. Starting them young gets them used to the process. Keeping it going keeps healthy supple dogs and will be a real blessing when older age aliments like arthritis start to creep in.

If you ever want to ask any questions about this DVD or about animal physiotherapy in general, do email


Featured on BBC london Radio!

Featured on BBC London Radio!

We are so pleased to announce we were featured on BBC London Radio!

Jo Good and Anna Webb were wonderfully supportive of our Puppy Massage DVD. They featured it on thier Barking Hour and got our founder and creator, Donna Wills, in for an interview! She had great fun!

You can listen to the Radio initerview here and see the photos from the day too.

If you want to get your own copy of the Puppy Massage DVD in time for Christmas, then click the link at the top of our website page, or find it on Amazon or ebay and get it with the rest of your shopping.

Remember, its great for any age! No need to start only on Puppies. The benefits are life long!

Fetured on BBC London Radio

Fetured on BBC London Radio


Puppy Massage DVD loved by BBC London Radio

Wow what fun! We have just been on BBC London radio, barking hour with Anna Webb and Jo Good. 

So much fun. Such a great interview! So great to meet the lovely Anna and Jo again. Great theme of oxytocin today.

So if you want to get you copy of the Puppy Massage DVD in time for Christmas then click here

Puppy Massage DVD at BBC Lindon Radio

Puppy Massage DVD at BBC Lindon Radio