Welcome to Buddy



Hello and welcome to Buddy. A very cute Sproker.

He had a run in with a car and dislocated his hip. Sadly it wouldnt go back in well and it was discovered that he also had hip dysplasia.

So he had to have his femoral head and neck removed.

His recovery seemed good but he has never used the leg fully since. So he has started hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to get him confident in the limb again.

Its important that with this type of surgical procedure, they get using the limb again quickly. The physio helps them do this confidently so they don't fear the limb use. The hip is very clever and forms a false joint out of the scar tissue. But its important we help allign the healing tissues correctly so that a good range of movement is maintained. This will allow the most comfort life long.

Keep up the good work mum and Buddy!

Watch “Cat massage in physiotherapy session” on YouTube

We just wanted to show you how much cats love massage and physiotherapy.

We have shown videos of other cats enjoying it in the past. But this man was so cute we had to share it with you all.

Jasper had his femoral head and neck removed and very much appreciated his physio.

Welcome to Clyde



Hello and welcome to Clyde. Such a pretty bean and so sweet.

He is a rescue and soon after mum got him, he looked lame. This got severe quickly. After much investigation it was clear he had a sever hip problem and needed the hip joint removing.

This procedure is not uncommen. He was making good progress and had done hydroytherapy. But the progressed started to decline so he has now come for physiotherapy.

We have set him up with a plan to encourage him to glently use the limb more and therefore gain more confidence in it. This will also help him gain muscle and flexability and in the end, get him back to normal limb use. Thats the plan!

Keep up the good work mum and Cylde.