Welcome to Bently



Hello and welcome to Bently. He is a young cockerpoo and full of beans. He suddenly went off his hind. He was immediatly rushed to Fitzpatrick referrals. Following an MRI he had spinal surgery.

His recovery has been incredible. There is very little evidence of an issue. But there was some delay in paw placement in one hind.

So we set him up with a gentle excercise program that allowed him to burn some energy. We made sure the home was secure and non slip as he was confined to the kitchen. We started some pole work and muscle building.

He is doing wonderfully. Keep up the good work mum and Bently.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone and seasons greetings to all our patients and clients. 

We have had another wonderful year. We have treated an incredible number of patients. We have made many lives better and that makes us proud. 

Over the year we have seen some welcomed changes to the profession. It is becomming regulated and we are pleased to say Donna Wills is on the RAMP register and so is on the new register for animal physiotherapists. 

We enjoyed going to Discover Dogs with our Puppy Massage DVD and being welcomed onto BBC London Radio to feature the DVD. 

We have also delivered several lectures this year and help to pass on knowledge to the next generation of physios and to vets and vet nurses. 

We have continued to stay at the top of our game by attending continual professional development and learning updates. This was best achieved at Vet fest where Donna got her hug with Supervet Noel Fitzpatric, and Webcon, where some incredible globally acknowledged names in rehabilitation, all got together to use technology to its fullest and teach us via video live link on the internet. Technology really is helping us stay current, so there is no excuses not to!

We also got a new bed for our patients! We have to keep them comfy. 

We are looking forward to our well needed rest over Christmas and we look forward to wonderful things ahead. 

We wish you all a wonderful 2018.

Christmas tree for the dog walkers of Bracknell in Swinley Forest

Christmas tree for the dog walkers of Bracknell in Swinley Forest

Welcome to Poppy

Hello and welcome to Poppy. 

Poor little cockerpoo. She is only 8 months old and already had a nasty accident. She is a super lucky girl! Hit at 50mph and just had her fractured pelvis! But it was a nasty fracture in 3 pieces, and took fitzpatrick referrals to fix it. 

They have done a great job and she is recovering really well and walking like nothing ever happened. 

But she lost alot of muscle through the earley stages and the vets also discovered she had a luxating patella also causing her problems.

So she has now come for physiotherapy to help rehabilitate all the issues. She is doing great so muscle building is the main aim. We have set her up with a home regime and hope the luxation frequency will gradually reduce. 

Keep up the good work mum and Poppy.