Welcome to Bruno



Hello and welcome to Bruno. A very excited and happy labrador!

He showed some issues which concerened his parents so they investigated his hind. It turned out he did have mild hip dysplasia. He also seemed to show some mild back pain.

He has been sent for physio so he can be managde conservativly and without medication or surgery for as long as possible.

We have set him on a home regime to get his strength up, though weightloss is the biggest factor in his plan.

His mum and dad are well on board with what to do and they are moving forward, amd keeping a diary so we really can monitor the progress.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and bruno.

Welcome to Monty



Hello and welcome to Monty. Such a sweet Brittish Blue. He is the apple of his mums eye!

She noticed he was very sore and lame and saw the vet for help. There was question over the diagnosis and he was put on room rest for 6 weeks. But the x-rays revealed hip dysplaia. Yes, this is common in cats too!

So he was referred to us for physiotherapy. We have set him up with a regime to build muscle in the plevis that will offer more support to the hip. We have also started him on home stretches for flexability and pain relief. He has taken to it all very well. But in all honesty, at first he was not keen on the idea of massage. But we persisted with a gentle regime that gradually introduced the idea to him. He is now getting more and more tolerant, and its highly likely that its because he can feel the benefit.

Monty was never an avid hunter but we are pleased to report that since starting the physio, we had a rescent update, that he had given hunting a go and caught a pigeon! So we may be working our magic a little too well! Don't worry, mum saw and the pigeon is fine

Keep up the good work mum and Monty!

Welcome to Morgan



Hello and welcome to Morgan. Handsom labrador and so sweet and gentle.

He has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Most of his life this has not shown as an issue. But mum started to notice issues in the last 6 months. He was sent to a referal vet who also diagnosed laryngeal paralysis, making surgery too risky. He also noticed neurological deficits.

Morgan started hydrotherapy and also started stronger pain relief and has been sent to us for physio.

We have done our assessment and seen that it also looks like there are also some signs of elbow dysplaisa. Its little suprise as there is elbow dysplasia present in 70% of dogs diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We found poor proprioception in the hind and muscle loss.

We have set Morgan up with a home regime that encourages hind limb flexability and increases hind strength and proprioception. He did find this a challage so its enough work for this week. We also made the walk regime more managable.

We look forward to making a big difference. Keep up the good work mum and Morgan.

Welcome to Bertie



Hello and welcome to Bertie. This very sweet Cockerpoo is only 4 months old abd already been through quite alot. His vigilant parents noticed there was the odd issue. Then the vets confirmed this. On x-ray they found sever hip dysplaia. One side had no hip socket at all.

So Bertie was referred to lumbry park. There he was given "toggles" in both hips. These are designed to keep the hips stable. The worst side failed quite quickly and a revision was done to remove the femoral head and neck (the top of the thigh bone) so that scar tissue can form a new false joint. Sadly it all tightened up quite quickly. So he was sent for physio.

We set mum and dad up with a gentle rehab program that encouraged him to put the limb down and relax and to start feeling confidence in it. It will take time for the physio to work, but mum said he was already walking on all 4 limbs the following day. Great news.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Bertie!

Welcome to Blade



Hello and welcome to Blade. Beautiful husky. Rescued in his prime. He has quite a story. Luckily now he has a wonderful new mum to look after him.

But she noticed his hind looking odd in his gait amd a few suspicious signs. The vets at first diagnosed hip dysplasia and now another vet decided its not so we have no formal diagnosis. But it certainly seems like hip dysplasia. Mum awaits another opinion.

In the meantime we have done our assessment and treatment and set a home excercise regime that will gradually build strength in the hind.

Keep up the good work mum and Blade. We'll have you feeling better soon!

Welcome to Milo

Hello and welcome to Milo. This very sweet golden retriever has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. 

Such a vigilant dad, he worked hard picking his puppy, but sadly hip dysplasia is very common. So he is now doing his best to do all he can to help his boy. 

So he awaits specialist opinion, and in the meantime he has decided to get physiotherapy. We have also advised hydrotherapy. 

So he is actually doing really well, as dad noticed the signs so early. So we have set a muscle building program to add support to the hips. 

We will have you feeling better soon Milo.


Welcome to Milo

Welcome to Jake

Hello and welcome to jake. 

This hansome cockerspaniel was rescently diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis. 

Both owner and vet agree conservative managment is ideal in this case and not surgery. 

So he has come for physio. He had already responded well to the accupuncture which relieved the pain. Having done our assessment, we have set him up with a home regime. This includes a little weight loss, muscle building, some adjustments to his home life and some stretches. 

We are confident he will feel better soon. Once we get his hips doing a more comfortable level of healthy excercise, and we get some muscle built up, this will support the hips further and keep him comfortable and slow the progression of the arthritis. 

Good luck mum and Jake, you're going to be fine, fit and healthy.