Welcome to Meg



Hello and welcome to Meg. This poor lovely lady has a hind limb lamenss. As an older girl, its a worry to do surgery.

So mum brought her for physio. We had a lengthy discussion and set a plan. However we found reason to suspect meniscal damage in with the stifle.

Mum has her plan and its going well, but we are mindful that there are many factors that make up a succesful plan and as a result, some of our plans are dynamic and evolve with the needs of the patient.

This is one of them. We continue to k closely with the vet for a good team result.

Keep up the good work mum and Meg!

Welcome to Percy



Hello and welcome to cutie Percy! He even came in all smart with his red bow tie!

This poor little man has had a very mild intermittent lameness. He copes well, but his mum wanted to ensure it ws sorted out as she doesn't want him in discomfort.

She saw the vet who sadly found nothing. This is not totally unusual when its a really mild issue. Due to it being so mild, mum was not keen for an anaesthetic.

So percy was referred for a physio exam. Its great when us physios and can work together for the best outcome for the patient.

We did our exam and found a very mild shoulder issue. We discussed this with the vet and formed a plan of excercises to begin.

This dog has many people in his daily life so it was a challange to set a plan that can be dynamic.

So far we are not on top of the problem, so we are going to the next step, of further investigation, which does mean he will need an anaesthetic. But at least we tried, and most importantly, we havn't dragged it out fo too long before more investigation instigated.

We look forward to the results. Not every issue is easily diagnosed. But a good team is the best plan.

Keep up the good work mum and Percy!

Welcome to Winston



Hello and welcome to Winston. Such a well behaved labrador!

He is a total fan of agility and his mum is keen to keep him in top condition so they can both keep having fun and do what they love most!

Winston devloped a mild lameness. So mum was straight at the vet. Nothing significant was found. So she decided to be double certain, and brought him for a physio assessment.

We were pleased to find not too much more! We discussed a gradual return to work program as his lamenes had gone, but we did't want to aggrevate any healing tissues.

Mum is highly vigilant and knowledgeable so we know he will be well looked after.

Keep up the good work mum and Winston!

Welcome to Mayhem



Hello and welcome to Mayhem. Super cute collie!

She has heen lame for a little while. Whilst she is "old" her mum knew this was not an excuse to ignore the problem and dismiss it as "normal".

So she came for physio as she wanted more than just to throw drugs at it.

This was a very successful stratagy! In only a short amount of time we have achieved a fully sound dog who is now back to leaping on to the bed! She has not done that in a while!

We are always thrilled when we see patients getting thier zest of life back!

Keep up the good work Mayhem and mum!

Welcome to Charlie



Hello and welcome to Charlie. This is a very sweet dog, but also, such a challange!

Charlie is very nervous, but totally handlable. But it does make the excercises a challange.

There was very little to find in Charlie. The vet also has not found the reason for the lameness, so we are working together on our hunt for an answer. There is a suspition that its neuroligical.

So we have set Charlie up with a very gentle home regime that will encourage good movement and gentle muscle building, and continue our investigations.

Keep up the good work mum and Charlie!

Welcome to Arrow



Hello and welcome to Arrow. This beautiful Springer has the vets on thier toes!

He has been lame and the vet found a possible corn and some myofascial pain. So he has been referred to help with the pain and lameness.

He has got some very science headed owners so this has been a very fun case, and his diary has been immacualte! Its been like treating a scientific study case. Wonderful!

We localized some issues, reduced the excercise right down and set up a new excercise plan. His lameess has improved immensily and we are slowly rebuilding the plan at a pace that suits him.

Well done Arrow and whole family! Keep up the good work!

Welcome to Khioni



Hello and welcome to Khioni. This is a very sweet dog that had a mild, but noticable lameness in the fore limb.

These amazing owners were determind to fix the problem. So they had all the tests under the sun, at one of the top referral centres....

Sadly, no diagnosis found. So she opted for physio.

We did our investigation and didnt find alot either, but we did still have a game plan, as the lameness was only seen during trot and no other gait.

We also know pain can be very complicated sometimes and so there may no longer be an actual stimulus for pain, but a memory of pain.

We did massage as the main treatment and started some strengthening excercises to ensure the strength was good, and slowly increased the excercise. Its going to be a journey.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Khioni.

Welcome to Charlie



Hello and welcome to Charlie. A dear little thing. He has been through the works as he ruptured both his cruciate ligaments in the past. But both have healed seemingly well and he was back to full normal life.

But more rescently he has shown lameness. This is potentially quite a complicated case. On exam we saw he had muscle wastage which suggests the issue has been there for some time. But he was also severly licking a patch of skin. This had rendeed this very sore, weepy and uncomfortable. This was on the same limb. This rang some mild alarm bells so mum was sent back to vet to get this treated. Sometimes a secondary issue can make the pain of the first seem so much worse.

So the skin was seen and treated and this improved immensily, so we could now concentrate on the limb. We know that cruciate rupture increases the liklihood of arthritis. A study showed us that in a joint with full rupture, the signs of arthritis can be seen within just 3 days! With odds like that it is easy to see how important fast stabalisation of the joint is.

So there is a strong chance we are working with another arthritis case here. Its important we treat every case individually as no case is ever the same.

We have done treatments and set mum up with a home regime. He is making good progress.

Keep up the good work mum and Charlie!

Welcome to Reggie



Hello and welcome to Reggie. Such a sweet dog, though a little on edge.

His mum noticed he has been lame in a forelimb. It was always intermittent but it needed investigating. The vet saw him and couldn't find anything. So, as a drug free option for investigation, he was referred to us to see what we can find.

This option often works out really well as we specalise in mobility issues. But sometimes we also don't have x-ray eyes. We set Reggie on a new excercise regime to help see if we could stop the lameness, but as it was intermittent, no lameness was seen for a while, but we couldn't be sure if that was our regime or the pattern for the issue.

There were many possibilities, including corns. This breed are susceptible to corns and they can cause odd lameness patterns, but until visable, we can't easily identify them. This possibility remains on the table.

The lameness is seemingly reducing in frequency but possibly increasing in severity when it does come on.

So we need more investigation. Mum knows x-rays are an option but is worried about the anaesthetic. So we have suggested she look into thermal imaging. This is done conscious with high sensitivity cameras and a report is given from a vet. It may still not reveal an answer but its a safe investigation.

Keep up the good work mum and team. We'll get the answers soon!

Welcome to Mabel



Hello and welcome to Mable. She is so so sweet and so so loved. Her dad noticed a lameness and wanted to ensure she had the best care, so instantly found us for physiotherapy.

The lameness was really very subtle and quite honestly on arrival to us, it wasnt noticable.

But thats ok. Any lameness of only 5 % or less is undetectable to the human eye, add that to a happy dog excited to be somewhere new, and it becomes even harder for low level lamemess. Thats fine though as our hands are our most important tool in ailment detection. Lameness is a complex subject.

On exam we found a few small issues going on, although not directly associated with the limb in question. This creates a great challange and we love pushing our minds to explore the body as a whole. The issues we found in the hinds can cause weight distribution changes and these can look like lameness and cause some lameness as the body starts to be used differently.

So we did our massages and stretches and sent her and dad off with a home regime. We are pleased to report that dad was instantly impressed and the lameness was not visable the following day. She has continued to be better since the home regime kicked in. Mable is in incredible condition, especially for her age. A wonderfully vigilant owner has a big part to play in that. He already had an excercise regime that included multiple walks in a day, and its a wonderful shout out to all employers who let people take thier dogs to work!

Keep up the good work dad and Mable!