Welcome to Tilly



Hello and welcome to Tilly. She is an anxious collie but full of love.

She has had a mass on her carpus/ wrist for many years. More rescently mum started to notice her struggeling on at limb. She saw the vet who prescribed pain relief and physio.

On exam we noticed that the wrist actually droped to the side and there is immence stain in the colateral ligament

This is one of many that hold the wrist in place. Its less than ideal if its broken

So we have started ultrasound.

This is being well tolerated. There are excercises to go with this.

Tilly is doing well and has regained her spring in her step....scarily this also means lawn mower chasing. What a monkey!

Keep up the good work mum and Tilly!

Welcome to Poppy



Hello and welcome to Poppy. Such a sweet dog. She gets lots of cuddles!

She has been a healthy girl. But she has had some lameness in the fore limb. She saw the vet who diagnosed collateral ligament damage.

On exam we couldnt find much other than with the wrist/carpus, so she is doing well. But she had some muscle wastage which happens with lack of use. So we have started her on a program that will reduce impact on the limb, reduce inflammation, build muscle. We have also started ultrasound therapy.

Keep up the good work mum and Poppy.