Welcome to Jack



Hello and welcome to Jack. A super sweet rescue!

His mum is super vigilant amd loves to make sure all her dogs are well monitored for mobility issues.

She does this because she knows that early detection can reduce and control the severity of issues. She likes to do agility with her dogs, but only for fun and she is so keen to make sure its fun, that she does something called hoopers....all the fun and less pressure!

We are pleased to report that Jack got a clean bill of mobility health and is cracking on with having fun.

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Welcome to Sage



Hello and welcome to Sage. This super cute border collie came for a mobility check. Such a great idea for any dog. Its always helful to know if issues are sneeking in, then you can make adjustments early.

Sage is actually an agility loving dog too. Mum felt Sage must get an assessment, after we had such a great success with her other dog Fern. Fern came to see us after she dislocated her elbow. She made a full recovery and is now back to full life including agility.

Sage is in excellent condition and its a weight off mums shoulders to know thats great. We gave some tups on muscle building so that she can stay in peak condition for as long as possible.

Keep up the good work Mum, Sage and Fern!

Welcome to Mazie



Well this one will be a quick blog!

This super sweet staffie cross lots of other things, has an amazing mum, who takes her little one to agility.

She decided it was time to get her checked over thoroughly to ensure there was nothing detrimental going on.

This is an excellent idea. Picking up issues early means they won't be as bad as you can make good adaptions or work on thier weaknesses. Or finding out there is nothing wrong will give you excellent peace of mind and let you strive in with confidence.

Mazie was found to be in excellent condition with excellent flexibility. We gave sone suggested excercises just to add a bit more tone in the hind. Mum was very pleased.

Keep up the good work mum and Mazie!

Welcome to Ninjin : Endo

Hello and welcome to Ninjin : Endo

Hello and welcome to Endo and Ninjin. Beautiful unique names! Japanese for peas and carrots!

This very sprightly pair have come in for a thorough mobility assessment as mum and dad like to make sure they are kept in peak condition and great mobility health. These two enjoy mushing in their spare time! Not a common doggie sport but these guys are well suited to it and love it.

I am pleased to say their mobility assessment went very well and mum and dad are doing a wonderful job of making sure their dogs stay fit and healthy. We were able to give a few more pointers to compliment their individual body needs.

Well done mum and dad, keep up the good work.

Harveys story


You've heard us celebrate Harveys birthday and welcome him to our physiotherapy club. But today we wanted to share Harveys remarkable story of a dog thirsty for life and a loving owner who does everything she can to make his years comfy and happy, as this dog is in no way ready to give up!

Years ago he ruptured his cruciate ligament. A common issue. He had highly successful surgery and was very happy, but as the years progressed he started to become arthritic. This happens to the best of us, but the owner wanted to make sure she was doing all she could for him. So for the past few years she has been bringing him for physiotherapy so he can maintain his strength and flexibility. Due to skin issues he was on medication that limited his pain relief options, but with the physiotherapy and some weight loss, he was perfectly comfortable. Over the years he had various hiccups like sores on his paws, but he always followed his walk regime and did his exercises with a distinct smile on his face.

More recently life got more complicated. He developed a highly complicated form of diabetes that needed total owner dedication to stabilize. Luckily he had the right mum and she never left his side through all the tests. He still wasn't ready to give up, and gradually the diabetes improved and Harvey celebrated his 12th birthday!

For an unexpected twist, poor Harvey very suddenly lost his sight! He was given time to see if he would adapt as many would, but he was finally starting to find it all too much and he was too scared to go on walks or bother to bark at the postman. His mum couldn't bear to see him so sad so she decided to make the difficult decision to have surgery to remove the katerax in his eyes.

It is now 3 weeks since his surgery and we are over the moon to report Harvey is now fully sighted and happily walking around with confidence again! It was a delight to see him walk into the consult room today, and look right at me! I feel confident he was saying "check me out, I can see again!"

Now the physiotherapy can go back to focusing on getting him strong again, as he did have a little while of not doing enough exercise!

We are so proud of you Harvey and of your dedicated mum too!