Welcome to Harley

Hello and welcome to Harely. He is massive! Continental giant! And so beautiful. This one really knows how to pull your heart strings.

Harley was starting to have some mobility issues. So an x-ray was done. This showed arthritis in both knees.

Harley was referred to physio. It soon became apparent that the issue was far more complex. Sadly there was clearly also a neuroligical disease as well.

We were able to help harley to feel more comfortable and Harleys mum and dad have lots of ideas to help with pain control. Harley remains comfortable. Sometimes thats enough, just knowing our loved one is comfy.

Mum and dad are so completly dedicated to Harley, and she is loving her camomile tea. They have an excercise plan and are doing a great job. Well done mum and dad!.

Welcome to Tyson



Hello and welcome to Tyson. Such a sweet dog.

He has been referred by his vet because he seemed to loose the muscle in his hind very quickly. This is generally not a very good sign and can be associated with a few things.

So we did our assessment and it was clear that he had some neurological deficits. His nerves were not working as well as they should be. This can account for rapid muscle loss.

His joints were actually quite good so we could rule out arthritis being a main factor.

So we set his owners up with a home regime that focused on nerve health. If you can imporve or at least slow the nerve degeneration, you will improve the muscle bulk in turn.

Mum and dad were also amazing because they noticed early and so we are able to make good changes whilst he is capable of implementing them.

This will be a life long change for him. There is no quick fix that will mean he no longer has this issue. So mum and dad will have to be commited to a home regime long term. But we do pride ourselves with working with the mum and dad to make a home regine that suits both patient and parent as it is all most effective if easily achieved.

Keep up the good work mum and dad!

Welcome to Megan

Hello and welcome to Megan. So sweet. Lovely little rescue. Had the world at her paws until she got attacked by another dog. She largly recovered but her mum felt it aged her immensily.

Since then she has seemed old and slow and weak, so her mum brought her for an assessment.

Her joints were actually incredibly amazing. No real sign of arthritis which always amazes us as its so common. But there were signs of neurological degeneration, so her nerves are not communicating well with the muscles and she is weak.

But we can still work on this. We can improve balance amd proprioception, and inturn this will improve strength. So we have started her in a home regime and she is making improvememts already.

Keep up the good work mum and Megan!

Welcome to cassi



Hello and welcome to Cassi. Such a sweet little labrador. She has been very well for a lot of years. Her mum is super vigilant and looks after her joints well. But in the last 18 months she noticed some changes and one of her back legs starting to have some problems. These seemed neurological. An x-ray showed low level change and nothing of great significance. So she decided to try physiotherapy.

We have done our assessment, and made some changes to her life that are more suited to this life stage. This has included changing the walk into 2 smaller ones so she has the same amount, but its more managable. We have also given her some excercises to keep her nerves more active. These have been balance excercises. We also noticed some issues in the fore limbs, so we have given some appropriate massage.

Keep up the good work mum and Cassi!

Welcome to Chilli



Hello and welcome to Chilli. Chilli is such a sweet old man. He is now 16y! He has made it through most his life pain free. But he slowed down in the last year. In the last 3 weeks he really got lame in one leg and it looked more like there was a possible spinal problem effecting his nerves.

Mum decided it was time to get some extra help and make his golden time more comfortable. So we have done our exam and found some issues. We did a treatment and set mum up with a home excercise regime to keep Chilli more comfortable. Some of this regime include excercises to improve nerve health and co ordination, this will in turn improve mental health as well as physical health. At 16y he is a very old man, but that doesnt mean there is nothing we should do.

Keep up the good work mum and Chilli.

Welcome to Holly



Hello and welcome to Holly. Beautiful oldie golden retriever. She actually shares her home with Hugo who we have talked about before.

Her parents have brought her in as she suffers arthritis and she has neurological weakness in her hind.

On walking in we could easily see some of the issues. We did her assessment and found all the problems. She very much enjoyed her massage and stretches. We set her a home regime that would build her strength and challange her proprioception. We also taught her dad home massage.

We are so pleased to report that in her return visit she had already made vast improvement. Her dad said she was full of the joys of spring. She had walked further and been more active. And on our second assessment her strength and balance already looked better.

Keep up the good work dad and Holly!

Welcome to Gunner



Hello and welcome to Gunner. Hansom labrador. He has a neurological episode. He had sever whole body weakness that looked like his hind was paralysed. He saw the referral specialist and no formal diagnosis was concluded.

Over the weeks that followed he made am amazing recovery and now he is nearly recovered. However, mum noticed that he is still having some troubles.

On exam we could see where some of his issues still lay. In humans we might regard this as fine motor skills, like trying to write. Our dogs dont have thumbs so thier fine motor skills are not quite so fine, but things like balance are affected, and how well he can correct himself to stop a fall. So this was reflected in him not being playful.

We can help with this. We have set a program that focuses on his proprioception. When this improves his strength and balance will also return.

We look forward to getting him back to enjoying a good play again. Keep up the good work mum and Gunner.

Welcome to Morgan



Hello and welcome to Morgan. Handsom labrador and so sweet and gentle.

He has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Most of his life this has not shown as an issue. But mum started to notice issues in the last 6 months. He was sent to a referal vet who also diagnosed laryngeal paralysis, making surgery too risky. He also noticed neurological deficits.

Morgan started hydrotherapy and also started stronger pain relief and has been sent to us for physio.

We have done our assessment and seen that it also looks like there are also some signs of elbow dysplaisa. Its little suprise as there is elbow dysplasia present in 70% of dogs diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We found poor proprioception in the hind and muscle loss.

We have set Morgan up with a home regime that encourages hind limb flexability and increases hind strength and proprioception. He did find this a challage so its enough work for this week. We also made the walk regime more managable.

We look forward to making a big difference. Keep up the good work mum and Morgan.

Welcome to Pip

This beautiful labrador is so lucky to have such a great mum. She started to age and slow down. She went to the vets and had all the usual arthritis treatment. But mum wanted more for her Pip. So she found us and got booked in. 

On exam, this actually was not a simple old age arthritis. Not that any arthritis is simple! It was more that there was a neurological issue. So the nerve health is not ideal. 

So we have set her up with a home regime that concentrates on nerve health and strengthening. This should slow down her deterioration.

We'll have you feeling better soon Pip. Keep up the good work mum!