Welcome to Akemi



This feels like a blog about the last one in our 3 part series! This sweet Akita is best friends with Marveric and Zev.

Akemi is also getting old and was in need of some extra care so her vet also referred her to us. Our assessment showed she is doing amazingly well but also had one limb showing the starts of problems. So we have set her up with a home excericse regime to start to relieve her issues and rebuild her confidence and use of that limb.

We know mum will do a great job! Keep up the good work mum!

Welcome to Pip

This beautiful labrador is so lucky to have such a great mum. She started to age and slow down. She went to the vets and had all the usual arthritis treatment. But mum wanted more for her Pip. So she found us and got booked in. 

On exam, this actually was not a simple old age arthritis. Not that any arthritis is simple! It was more that there was a neurological issue. So the nerve health is not ideal. 

So we have set her up with a home regime that concentrates on nerve health and strengthening. This should slow down her deterioration.

We'll have you feeling better soon Pip. Keep up the good work mum!