Welcome to Crispin



Hello and welcome to Crispin. No one is totally sure of what happened to this lovely sweet cat. But an incident rendered him with a ruptured diaphragm and hind limb paralysis.

He was sent to the referral specialist where the diaphragm was repaired and he managed to do very well.

However his paralysis remained a problem. It was further complicated by muscle spasm.

So he came for physiotherapy. He had a dedicated mum who was determind to do all she could for him. This was always going to be a real team effort to help this little one pull through.

He is now with a team of caregivers, doing thier best to help him be more comfortable.

Good luck mum and Crispin! Its a big battle that everyone is working hard to win.

Welcome to Poochie



Hello and welcome to Poochie. Such a happy little jack russel. She has been through alot though.

In her mid-life she had a herniated spinal disk and surgery was performed. She made a full and strong recovery and had no further issues for many years. Then, seemingly out of the blue, Poochie became paralysed again.

She saw the referral specialist who concluded that she had scar tissue around the spinal chord and fluid had built up within this which was conpressing the spine. Options were to do physio and see if it would resolve with time, or surgery that was not very likely to resolve the issue, or a wheelchair.

Mum made a great plan and decided to try the physio and then if it didn't resolve, she opted for a wheel chair unless Poochie seemed depressed. As her age was against her the surgery was risky for no real strong liklihood of recovery.

We started the physio. Poochie had strong intention tremors which made standing hard but possible. Oddly these do help provide vibration which can be useful in rehab. Over 8 weeks, poochie made slow progress and was able to stand for longer, but no real progress to walk and there was little evidence to suggest that an adequate ambulation would develope. So we opted for the wheelchair and to create a good management program that will promote and happy comfortable life with the use of the chair.

We gave excercises that will still need to be done daily, but these are achievable. The chair arrived and was an excellent fit. She is still getting used to it, but this will improve as she gets used to it.

Poochie remains happy and we are very proud of her and mum. Keep up the good work!

Welcome to Polly



Hello and welcome to Polly. Such a sweet cat. She sadly managed to damage her front limb and it was paralysed.

It's known as a brachial plexus avultion and is something we do see frequently. Cats can get this from catching thier leg when they jump out of a tree or being hit by a car or such like.

Some cases are amazing and can regain full use of the limb. But some are more severe and don't recover, meaning amputation is the only option.

So in order to give the limb the best chance, physiotherapy is essential. We can look after the limb during its healing. We help maintain circulation, muscle bulk, ligament strength and stop the contracture that occurs if it is left without any help.

We are so pleased to report that Polly had a short recovery time of only a few weeks. Sadly we didnt get a video when she first came in, but you can see her amazing walk below, with only a tiny limp seen. This limp was totally resolved by the end of our treatment time.

Well done polly, mum and dad! Its takes amazing dedication to get patients through paralysis or pareisis.

Welcome to Dolly



Hello and welcome to Dolly. She is a very cute and well behaved little dachund.

Sadly this breed are very prone to poor disks. This is the case in most dwarf breeds.

The issue was detected quickly and she was rushed for surgery and the spine was fixed. However there was already damage done to the spinal chord and she was paralysed in the hind. So physiotherapy was needed. The vets she went to were very good in physio and instantly started her on a program, and she was referred to us for continued rehabilitation.

Like many small dogs, she is adapting well and believes life is fine without the need of her hinds. So we have to work on reminding her that life will be better if she can put the effort in to learn to use the hinds well again.

Her strength is slowly progressing and we are hopeful of a good recovery.

Keep up the good work mum and Dolly. We'll have you in all 4 paws soon.

Welcome to Faith



Hello and welcome to Faith. She is a very sweet little heinz 57! She was brought over from Romania by Help for Hope. Her story is that she was kicked so hard her back was broken. At this time she also had a very young puppy and was still feeding him. So a vet took her in and did spinal surgery. But sadly she remained paralysed. She still has her puppy and continues to be a good mum!

Sadly she was left for months with no rehabillitation, which makes this whole process much more diffucult. But she has now at least, got the care she needs.

We did an assessment. Her hind limb use is very poor but there was a slight sign of engagement of muscle in the Right hind. Amazingly, in the first session we got her standing and taking weight and attempting to move her paws to step. But she does prefer to drag herself as this is now a more effective way to move for her and therefore faster.

Her bladder control is less then ideal which is not usually a good sign, but her ability in just one session give us great hope. We have given her a robust home regime!

We have videos to follow so watch out for them!

Keep up the good work mum and Faith. This one is a family affair so its great you have so much support!

Paralysed rabbit recovery

We introduced Tinsel many months ago and shared her story. She had sudden onset paralysis. Her x-rays showed no break but she was given a bleak prognosis as disk damage was suspected. She came for physiotherapy.

She has made an amazing recovery. It didnt take that many months, but it did take us a while to get the video up. Sorry.

Well done Tinsel and mum!

Welcome to Jemima



Hello and welcome to jemima. She is a little beauty and also feisty! She managed to injure her fore leg. She was found in the garden unable to use one leg. She was rushed to the vets who sent her straight for referral.

The injury was directly effecting her brachial plexus which feeds into several vital nerves. Radial nerve being one of them. This damage had rendered her paraylsed in the limb from the elbow down. This is sadly not uncommen. The referal center refered her to physio.

So we immediatly set her and mum up with a home regime. Its vital that we work on the limb regularly throughout the day, but we also have to give her rest and recovery time too. This is all about the timing.

So we have set her up with a program of massage PEMF therapy, stretching and some exercises to encourage limb use and vibration through the limb.

We are pleased to say there has already been some progress, but this is a long journey as nerve recovery can be notoriously slow. But whilst there is progress, we can be optomisitic.

Good luck Jemima. Keep up the good work mum. You're all doing great!

Welcome to Tia

Hello and welcome to Tia. She is a very sweet Jack Russel. 

She has a happy life at home with her fellow dogs. But one day, less than 2 weeks ago, she went to run around the corner to greet her dad as usual, and 2 of her legs didn't work. Dad rushed her to the vets, who then sent her straight to fitzpatrick referrals. There she had an MRI and was hospitalised for 4 days. 

She was diagnosed with a fibrocartilagenous embolsim. This is where some spinal disk material ends up in the spinal blood supply and blocks it. This causes spinal cord damage and therefore interupts the signals flowing through it. This in turn shows as paralysis. 

We are pleased to say Tia has already made some progress. 

We have set her up with a home excercise regime to get her nerves firing and functioning regularly. This will work towards encouraging the healing process and maintaining some muscle. She is already able to stand and take weight through the 2 effected limbs, so no we have to work on getting her to move them. Sometimes its hard to find the correct motivation but we hope we have worked that out for her. 

She has a very dedicated family. So keep up the good work dad, mum amd Tia.