Welcome to Ricky

Hello and welcome to Ricky. Such a sweet Chihuahua!

Sadly they can commonly have knee problems and this one got hit with two of them. He had both a luxating patella and degenerated cruciate ligament.

He had a TTT which is a surgical correction to fix both at the same time. It went very well, and physio was the next step for the rehabillitation phase.

We set Ricky up with a home regime. He is doing really well and we look forward to getting him back to full health and function soon.

Keep up the good work mum and Ricky!

Welcome to Monty



Hello and welcome to Monty. This is a very sweet dog who has such loving caring parents. Monty really does come first in thier life.

He has clearly got a few skeletal issues as his posture is not ideal and he has a very undershot jaw. But he doesnt let anything get him down.

He was diagnosed with serious luxating patella and surgery was performed. He was doing well, but there was a clear issue a few weeks later. A revision surgery corrected the meniscus that had also become folded and damaged and the pin was removed.

His recovery was good, but his parents knew it could be better. There was a lot of muscle loss, which was understandable, but needs correcting.

So they have come for physiotherapy. We have set Monty and family, up with a home excercise regime. He is finding it a bit weird to get used to, but this is normal. No one likes change. But mum and dad are persisting and doing a wonderful job at the diary too, so we really know what is going on in the recovery.

Keep up the good work Monty, mum and dad!

Welcome to Olive



Hello and welcome to Olive. Such a cute pug!

This one has quite a story. I'm always a sucker for a happy ending! This little bean was rehomed via battersea dogs and cats home. Poor thing contracted mange and her original owners couldnt cope. So she got taken home with a staff member for foster and never went back. Well done mum and dad!

The new parents have looked after her so well ever since. But as she has aged a bit of intermittent odd gait started to occur. The vet saw her and felt she had a luxating patella. This is certainly a common issue in this breed. Depending on its severity, it can be something where surgery can be avoided if mum and dad can put in the work to help rebuild sufficient muscle.

On exam her patella did luxate once and there were some hints of arthritis, but her muscle was not too bad which was good news. Catching early is very helpful.

So we set them all up with a home regime to build strength in the hind, and help keep the patella in place. We also found some back pain so we are also working on that with massage and core strengthening.

Keep up the good work mum and dad! We are confident she will be able to rid herself of the luxations soon!

Welcome to Mela

Hello and welcome to Mela. Such a sweetie. Sadly I forgot to take her photo!

She is a very young little cockerpoo and still growing into her body. But it has been noted that she is having some problems.

She has been seen by the referal specialist who noted atrophy of the fore limb, and elbow dysplasia. She also has a luxated patella.

So she has come for physiotherapy to help.

There is lots that can be done, but it does require hard work to get elbows comfortable and somtimes surgery is the only answer. It takes a team of people using all thier skills to get the best outcome.

So we have set Mela up with a home regime that will allow her to burn her energy, but not aggrivate the elbows further. She has some strengthening to do as we need to rebuild the lost muscle. We are focusing in the elbow at the moment and then will work on the patella in time but her pain level is our priority.

At Animal Physiotherapy ltd, we pride ourselves in staying in top of all the new information and studies being done on mobility and evidance based practice. Elbow dysplasia is an area where more information is regularly comming out and vets are trying hard to make elbow replacement more successful. We are certainly seeing elbow dysplasia diagnosed more frequently now. Its highly likley its not more common, but is better understood and therefore diagnosed faster. This is great news for our dogs as it means they can get the right treatment faster.

If you are suspitious of your dogs elbows then pop to your vets to get them checked out. Early detection and early treatment can mean less arthritis later on.

Keep up the good work Mela and mum

Welcome to Milly



Hello and welcome to Milly. She is not camera shy!

So cute. She has come for physiotherapy to give her a chance at avoiding surgery for her luxating patella. She is very young still but her luxating patella are quite severe. Her patella does seem to get stuck out of place and it is on both sides.

She is giving it a good go and has started hydrotherapy too.

Mum has worked really hard and we have had to make adaptions to the program to make it work around her life too. This is all fine.

Patellas are hard work to fix with physio but its always worth a try as we often have good success.

We have given lots of muscle building to help keep them stable.

Keep up the good work mum and Milly.

Welcome to Poppy

Hello and welcome to Poppy. 

Poor little cockerpoo. She is only 8 months old and already had a nasty accident. She is a super lucky girl! Hit at 50mph and just had her fractured pelvis! But it was a nasty fracture in 3 pieces, and took fitzpatrick referrals to fix it. 

They have done a great job and she is recovering really well and walking like nothing ever happened. 

But she lost alot of muscle through the earley stages and the vets also discovered she had a luxating patella also causing her problems.

So she has now come for physiotherapy to help rehabilitate all the issues. She is doing great so muscle building is the main aim. We have set her up with a home regime and hope the luxation frequency will gradually reduce. 

Keep up the good work mum and Poppy.