Welcome to Smokey



Hello and welcome to Smokey. Such a beautiful Brittish shorthair. He really is lovely.

His mum made such a huge effort to keep him safe and happy. Then he had an accident when he fell in his own home. He hurst his knee and had surgery at an amazing referal specialists.

Sadly there was a complication and vast amounts of scar tissue developed in the capsule of the knee. This meant he developed severe restriction in range of movement. This happened very quickly. She came for physio to see if it could help. Mum was wonderful and had seen a physio very early but it had not worked out, so she changed to us for help.

We tried a few things but sadly the scar tissue was very bad. The treatment that seemed to provide the most relief was the intrasound.

Sadly the limb deteriorated and the lateral hock ligament broke down. Ligaments are amazingly strong but require use to maintain that strength. Reduced use of the limb meant the ligament health reduced.

So Smokey is now going to have the limb amputated. This seems sad. But actually it will mean he is pain free and able to move without the difficult limb in the way.

Animals can do so well on 3 and Smokey will too. He will be far happier. He will join the amputee club. It has many members, including our own dog!

Physio is a wonderful tool but sometimes the body has other ideas.

Keep up the good work mum and Smokey. You worked hard to preserve the limb. But he will be fine without it.

Welcome to Jasper



Hello and welcome to Jasper. We have never seen a red maincoon before! Beautiful! And such a darling cat.

He has got a very loving mum. He managed to fracture his femur. It was seen quickly by the referral vets. It was pinned. But sadly this failed and he had to have revision surgery. This was to have the femoral head and neck removed.

His highly vigilant mum came for physiotherapy to ensure the best recovery, as she was encouraged to do so by her vet. We are so pleased that vets are now embrassing the benefits of physiotherapy for animals as much as they do in the NHS for people.

We started jasper on a muscle building and flexability programe. He took to it very well and as a result, his recovery has been outstanding. Keep following and we will post a video of him having some of his massage. Cats love physio too!

Keep up the good work mum and Jasper!

Welcome to Heidi



Hello and welcome to Heidi. She is a beautiful young pointer. She is only 17months old.

One day she was out having fun and then went very lame. After a trip to the vets and some Nsaid's she recovered quickly. The vet had warned her it may be a cruciate rupture. As she recovered so fast and well, mum didnt worry further.

But then a few months later it happened again. So this time mum decided she wanted to try physio to see if that would help.

So we have set her up with a home regime that will build muscle and encourage good use of the limb again.

But sadly its diffucult in dogs over 15kg if it is cruciate damage. So we are giving it a go, but mum is aware she may need to go back to the vet for furtger investigation if we dont get good results soon.

Keep up the good work mum and Heidi. Surgery is always scary, so its worth exploring all options before making your decisuon, if you have the luxury of time.

Welcome to Bertie



Hello and welcome to Bertie. A sweet dog but very anxious.

He has been plaged with issues for most of his life. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis. This was then managed but is a life long problem. Mum soon realised that it was not the whole story. She felt he was still in pain. He was referred to a specialist. Though the issue remains a mystery.

So Bertie has been referred for physio to help manage the pain. We have set a gentle home regime to maintain strength. So far, we have had some progress so this is excellent news as this is such a mystry problem.

Keep up the good work mum and Bertie.

Welcome to Percy



Hello and welcome to Percy. Well, if we're honest.....hello again to Percy! He always visited when his sister Genie used to visit.

Due to Genies physio sessions, mum has seen there would be a benefit in starting physio early in life.

She lovingly decided to kick off the therapy with a luxury massage session for his first time. Well he certainly did relax and enjoy it. He enjoyed his meal of steamed chicken, washed rice and peas, with a tumeric dust. Yummy! The environment is especially relaxing with classical music playing and a calming spray atomismized into the air. Mum also enjoyed it. Mum even brought the new pup along to watch too and he fell asleep too! Lovely.

I look forward to seeing you again Percy. He's doing great, but its a good idea to keep a close eye in mobility as things sneek up in you.

Welcome to Jake

Hello and welcome to jake. 

This hansome cockerspaniel was rescently diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis. 

Both owner and vet agree conservative managment is ideal in this case and not surgery. 

So he has come for physio. He had already responded well to the accupuncture which relieved the pain. Having done our assessment, we have set him up with a home regime. This includes a little weight loss, muscle building, some adjustments to his home life and some stretches. 

We are confident he will feel better soon. Once we get his hips doing a more comfortable level of healthy excercise, and we get some muscle built up, this will support the hips further and keep him comfortable and slow the progression of the arthritis. 

Good luck mum and Jake, you're going to be fine, fit and healthy. 

Welcome to Maisy

Hello and welcome to Maisy. 

She is a much loved springador and has come from a line of loved dogs as this is the daughter of a client now bringing her own dog in. That makes you realise how many years you have been in the industry!

Maisy had some mild issues when she was only a year old and so had some investigation amd diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. She managed to resolve those signs easily and has not shown further issues for over a year. 

But then she had an incident where she came back from her day out incredibly sore and couldnt get herself in the door over the step. She was clearly in pain. But some rest seemed to resolve it very quickly and when she saw the vet it had almost resolved. She came for physio anyway as mum wanted to make sure there was nothing serious going on. 

We did a full assessment and found her mobility to be very good in general, but there were some tweeks that could improve her body. The history suggested she may have hurt her back or neck. There was some range of movement issues in the neck, and the abdominal muscles were not as strong as we'd like. 

So we set her up with a home regime of doggy sit ups and neck muscle strengthening. Mum already had an excellent walk regime and she was well muscled everywhere else. 

Hopefully the insident wont happen again, but of it does, mum knows where we are. Keep up the good work mum and Maisy.

Welcome to Genie

Her mum and dad are keen to do everything they can and already recognise the value in massage.

We have set them up with a home excercise regime to help build up the hind limb muscle and get some confidence in her body around the home. Mum will also do home massage on her neck as this part is reaply feeling the strain of the different use of her body.

Good luck mum, dad and Genie! We'll have you feeling better soon!