Inspiring young people at Owlsmoor Primary school

Animal Physiotherapy had a wondeful day inspiring young people at Owlsmoor Primary school.

Owlsmoor Primary School invited us to go and represent Animal Physiotherapists at thier school careers week. The school didn't see why children needed to wait until they hit senior school, to be exposed to the wonderous opportunities thier futures hold.

It was wonderful to be able to inspire young people and help them realise why they want to work so hard at school.

There were some wonderful questions and they seemed very keen (as did many of the teachers).

It was a great day and lovely to see so many eager and well behaved children.

Well done Owlsmoor Primary!

Welcome to Rosie

Hello and welcome to Rosie. She is such a dear little dog and well loved.

Sadly she has become sore and lame over the past few months. Her mum remembers the first occurance like it was yesterday! She ran after a rabbit amd that was that.

She recovered very fast though which was wonderful, but alas, the lamness came back regularly. The vet noticed the muscle atrophy and felt it was a mild cruciate disease.

So she has now come for physiotherapy. The criciate ligament has not ruptured fully and she is a small dog so she is more likely to be ok without surgery. Age is not on her side either, so although she could cope, it may not be the best option for her. So we are all trying the less invasive options first.

We have done her assessment and treatment and set her up with a home excercise regime. This does include some weightloss.

Mum is fully on board and we are likely to use ultrasound soon and get hydrotherapy involved in the multimodal approach to healing this patient.

Keep up the good work mum and Rosie. You can do it!

Welcome to Skipper

Hello and welcome to Skipper. He is such a sweetheart. 

This beautiful Springer is a well loved boy. His mum noticed him "clicking". We have all heard clicking in ourselves and others, but for skipper it seemed to get worse and there seemed to be some consistencies. So mum wanted to be sure there was nothing wrong. So she took him to the vet who did some x-rays and investigation. They found nothing wrong. So they suggested physiotherapy. 

So mum has now brought Skipper to us. He was a very good boy, though a little nervous. This was fine as we put him at ease. We did hear the "click" a few times. We also found some muscle imbalance and his abdominal muscles we not as strong as his limb muscles in comparison. We were unable to identify the source of the click at this time. But its clearly not painful.  The muscle imbalance in the limb was likely due to a minor injury and a lump removal done a few months previously. This does show the importance of physio in all minor injuries and minor surgeries, as this dog has healed very well, but was clearly not fully trusting that limb for quite some time. 

We are addressing all of this. But the main aim is to work on the core muscles to get some more strength and support in the back. Mum will also do a "click" diary to see if there is anymore clues in the patterns of the clicks.

Keep up the good work mum and Skipper. You're both doing great. Enjoy the excercises. They are fun! 



Watch “Cats love physiotherapy and massage too” on YouTube

Watch our new video "Cats love physiotherapy amd massage too" on youtube. 

Here you can see a few of our cats relaxing and enjoying thier physiotherapy and luxury massage sessions.

Many people can't believe how much cats can love a massage. But we know how to treat a cat well and put them at ease, meaning they are stress free and able to concentrate on how good they feel. This in turn means they relax and enjoy the experiance.



Welcome to Humphrey

Hello and welcome to Humphrey! What a lovely boy. We are pleased to now welcome the whole family as we also treat his brother from another doggy mummy! 

Poor Humphrey was happy and enjoying life when he suddenly went seriously weak in the hind. This breed are known for thier spinal issues and weaknesses. So mum got him to the vet but sadly he was not immensily compliant so he was put on cage rest, anti-inflammatories and to see us. 

We are pleased to say that he had made great peogress all by himself in only a few days! This is great news. But we are now managing the recovery as its important we look at reasons why it may have happened and address any core strength issues as these support the back. We also dont want him doing too much before he is genuinly recovered and off the medication. 

So we have set Humphyrey and mum up with a home excercise regime. 

Keep up the good work mum and Humphrey!



Welcome to Esme

Hello and welcome to Esme. She is a very sweet pug and been impressivly active in her happy life. 

In the last year her parents have noticed some moments of weakness in the hind and this has progressed to more serious weakness. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia but not spinal issues. 

So they have come for physiotherapy. This is wonderful as there is lots we can do. We have set Esme up with a home regime that focuses on proprioception work. This will work to improve nerve function and increase strength, co ordination and balance.

Mum, dad and Esme are all very dedicated. Keep up the good work! 😊



Welcome to Fudge

Hello and welcome to Fudge. What a sweet little pea. 

Fudge has been well cared for and loved and has had more than his fair share of medical problems. He has spent many years with syringiomeglia, which has been well managed. 

But the wobbles in the body have meant there has been a serious over use of one fore limb and the toes are really paying the price. He is now having lots of therapies to help with his arthritis, and we are one of them. 

He is coping so well, but he is sore. So we have given his mum a more managable home regime so that he does do excercise, but in bite sized chunks. We have also shown them how to do digit manipulatiin to keep the paw more comfortable and a weightshift so that he knows he can still use the limb he has lost faith in. 

Keep up the good work mum and Fudge. He will be feeling better soon. 



Welcome to Vida

Hello and welcome to Vida.

Sweet little border collie. She has been referred for lameness in her right hind limb. She saw a vet first to start the investigation. But the vet is also unsure what is going on. So she has been sent to us to see if we could find some more information and make her feel better in a non invasive way. 

On our exam we did find a few issues. So we have set up a home regime that will allow healing and shown mum how to do some home masage to also promote healing. This may well be a soft tissue injury. Dogs can certainly heal from these on thier own, but correct physiotherapy will help the healing be more focused and so get the desired end result quicker. In time we will do a return to work/daily life program and get her fully back to her old self. 

Keep up the good work mum and Vida.

Welcome to Hugo

Hello and welcome to hugo.

This handsom man partially ruptured his cruciate ligament. His dad has been keen to do lots of research and really work out the best options for hugo before commiting him to major surgery. It is fair to say that no surgery is without risk, so well done to him for being so vigilant. He is also being very sensible and working with the vets advise to ensure he is safe to wait.

So Hugo has come for physiotherapy to work on the muscle building in the limb. This will add more support to the joint and give it a better chance of healing. Hugo is actually doing very well and has already recovered immensily from the original injury, so he maybe one of the lucky few that can manage the cruciate repair conservativly. The investigation and care plan will continue as we want to ensure we dont put him at a higher risk of arthritis complications later in life. 

Hugo is a lucky boy with a dedicated dad. Keep uo the good work Hugo and daddy.



Welcome to Milo

Hello and welcome to Milo. This very sweet golden retriever has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. 

Such a vigilant dad, he worked hard picking his puppy, but sadly hip dysplasia is very common. So he is now doing his best to do all he can to help his boy. 

So he awaits specialist opinion, and in the meantime he has decided to get physiotherapy. We have also advised hydrotherapy. 

So he is actually doing really well, as dad noticed the signs so early. So we have set a muscle building program to add support to the hips. 

We will have you feeling better soon Milo.


Welcome to Milo