Welcome to Harley

Hello and welcome to Harely. He is massive! Continental giant! And so beautiful. This one really knows how to pull your heart strings.

Harley was starting to have some mobility issues. So an x-ray was done. This showed arthritis in both knees.

Harley was referred to physio. It soon became apparent that the issue was far more complex. Sadly there was clearly also a neuroligical disease as well.

We were able to help harley to feel more comfortable and Harleys mum and dad have lots of ideas to help with pain control. Harley remains comfortable. Sometimes thats enough, just knowing our loved one is comfy.

Mum and dad are so completly dedicated to Harley, and she is loving her camomile tea. They have an excercise plan and are doing a great job. Well done mum and dad!.

Paralysed rabbit recovery

We introduced Tinsel many months ago and shared her story. She had sudden onset paralysis. Her x-rays showed no break but she was given a bleak prognosis as disk damage was suspected. She came for physiotherapy.

She has made an amazing recovery. It didnt take that many months, but it did take us a while to get the video up. Sorry.

Well done Tinsel and mum!