Welcome to Poochie



Hello and welcome to Poochie. Such a happy little jack russel. She has been through alot though.

In her mid-life she had a herniated spinal disk and surgery was performed. She made a full and strong recovery and had no further issues for many years. Then, seemingly out of the blue, Poochie became paralysed again.

She saw the referral specialist who concluded that she had scar tissue around the spinal chord and fluid had built up within this which was conpressing the spine. Options were to do physio and see if it would resolve with time, or surgery that was not very likely to resolve the issue, or a wheelchair.

Mum made a great plan and decided to try the physio and then if it didn't resolve, she opted for a wheel chair unless Poochie seemed depressed. As her age was against her the surgery was risky for no real strong liklihood of recovery.

We started the physio. Poochie had strong intention tremors which made standing hard but possible. Oddly these do help provide vibration which can be useful in rehab. Over 8 weeks, poochie made slow progress and was able to stand for longer, but no real progress to walk and there was little evidence to suggest that an adequate ambulation would develope. So we opted for the wheelchair and to create a good management program that will promote and happy comfortable life with the use of the chair.

We gave excercises that will still need to be done daily, but these are achievable. The chair arrived and was an excellent fit. She is still getting used to it, but this will improve as she gets used to it.

Poochie remains happy and we are very proud of her and mum. Keep up the good work!

Welcome to Dolly



Hello and welcome to Dolly. She is a very cute and well behaved little dachund.

Sadly this breed are very prone to poor disks. This is the case in most dwarf breeds.

The issue was detected quickly and she was rushed for surgery and the spine was fixed. However there was already damage done to the spinal chord and she was paralysed in the hind. So physiotherapy was needed. The vets she went to were very good in physio and instantly started her on a program, and she was referred to us for continued rehabilitation.

Like many small dogs, she is adapting well and believes life is fine without the need of her hinds. So we have to work on reminding her that life will be better if she can put the effort in to learn to use the hinds well again.

Her strength is slowly progressing and we are hopeful of a good recovery.

Keep up the good work mum and Dolly. We'll have you in all 4 paws soon.

Welcome to Chilli



Hello and welcome to Chilli. Chilli is such a sweet old man. He is now 16y! He has made it through most his life pain free. But he slowed down in the last year. In the last 3 weeks he really got lame in one leg and it looked more like there was a possible spinal problem effecting his nerves.

Mum decided it was time to get some extra help and make his golden time more comfortable. So we have done our exam and found some issues. We did a treatment and set mum up with a home excercise regime to keep Chilli more comfortable. Some of this regime include excercises to improve nerve health and co ordination, this will in turn improve mental health as well as physical health. At 16y he is a very old man, but that doesnt mean there is nothing we should do.

Keep up the good work mum and Chilli.

Welcome to Tess



Hello and welcome to Tess. Such a dear little mini Dachund.

Sadly her back was an issue. She has actually been a highly sprightly little tyke, running and jumping all around the home. You would think that would have built up her core muscles well.

But sadly her disk buldged into her spine and caused injury. She was rushed to referal and a spinal disk extrusion was performed that night. She recovered really well, and now 5 weeks after surgery, her walking is fantastic.

But she remains weak in her hind so mum has brought her for physiotherapy. Her body is quite amazing. She has a huge amount of muscle bulk in her limbs, but comparitivly low muscle bulk in her back. Her neurololgical exam showed good coordination which is great, but there is a weakness in the hind limbs.

So there is lots we can do. We have set up a home regime that works on her stamina to slowly build her endurance strength. We are also working her core muscles so she uses her body better. And we have given an excercises to improve her proprioception as this will help the spinal cord heal better.

Keep up the good work mum and Tess. Its very tough in this heat, but take advantage of shady areas and use the house for the excercises too.

Welcome to Widget



Hello and welcome to Widget. Such a lovely cat. He shares a home with our Smokey.

This little bean managed to escape thier garden through a hole a fox must have dug. Mum has an amazing safe garden, but foxes are fast workers and cunning!

Widget must have somehow managed to get home. He was seriously injured and the vet said it was most likely he had been hit by a car. Well done him getting home!

He had a seriously broken pelvis and spine. He had surgery at the specialists. They warned mum of the high risk of the procedure, but there was no real alternative.

Widget made the most incredible recovery! He now moves so well you would not know he had a hip joint removed and had so much damage.

Mum asked us to do an assessment and treatment to help him stay well and mobile.

We did identify some stiffness and low level discomfort in the sacrum. So we did a treatment and set mum up with some home stretches and massage to keep him comfy.

Keep up the good work mum and widget!

Welcome to Bertie



Hello and welcome to Bertie. A sweet dog but very anxious.

He has been plaged with issues for most of his life. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis. This was then managed but is a life long problem. Mum soon realised that it was not the whole story. She felt he was still in pain. He was referred to a specialist. Though the issue remains a mystery.

So Bertie has been referred for physio to help manage the pain. We have set a gentle home regime to maintain strength. So far, we have had some progress so this is excellent news as this is such a mystry problem.

Keep up the good work mum and Bertie.

Welcome to Bently



Hello and welcome to Bently. He is a young cockerpoo and full of beans. He suddenly went off his hind. He was immediatly rushed to Fitzpatrick referrals. Following an MRI he had spinal surgery.

His recovery has been incredible. There is very little evidence of an issue. But there was some delay in paw placement in one hind.

So we set him up with a gentle excercise program that allowed him to burn some energy. We made sure the home was secure and non slip as he was confined to the kitchen. We started some pole work and muscle building.

He is doing wonderfully. Keep up the good work mum and Bently.

Welcome to Tia

Hello and welcome to Tia. She is a very sweet Jack Russel. 

She has a happy life at home with her fellow dogs. But one day, less than 2 weeks ago, she went to run around the corner to greet her dad as usual, and 2 of her legs didn't work. Dad rushed her to the vets, who then sent her straight to fitzpatrick referrals. There she had an MRI and was hospitalised for 4 days. 

She was diagnosed with a fibrocartilagenous embolsim. This is where some spinal disk material ends up in the spinal blood supply and blocks it. This causes spinal cord damage and therefore interupts the signals flowing through it. This in turn shows as paralysis. 

We are pleased to say Tia has already made some progress. 

We have set her up with a home excercise regime to get her nerves firing and functioning regularly. This will work towards encouraging the healing process and maintaining some muscle. She is already able to stand and take weight through the 2 effected limbs, so no we have to work on getting her to move them. Sometimes its hard to find the correct motivation but we hope we have worked that out for her. 

She has a very dedicated family. So keep up the good work dad, mum amd Tia. 



Welcome to Humphrey

Hello and welcome to Humphrey! What a lovely boy. We are pleased to now welcome the whole family as we also treat his brother from another doggy mummy! 

Poor Humphrey was happy and enjoying life when he suddenly went seriously weak in the hind. This breed are known for thier spinal issues and weaknesses. So mum got him to the vet but sadly he was not immensily compliant so he was put on cage rest, anti-inflammatories and to see us. 

We are pleased to say that he had made great peogress all by himself in only a few days! This is great news. But we are now managing the recovery as its important we look at reasons why it may have happened and address any core strength issues as these support the back. We also dont want him doing too much before he is genuinly recovered and off the medication. 

So we have set Humphyrey and mum up with a home excercise regime. 

Keep up the good work mum and Humphrey!



Welcome to Rene

Hello and welcome to Rene. Such a cute and loved boxer. 

Sadly one of his spinal disks exploded under pressure and some of the disk material has bruised his spinal cord. Luckily for him, it moved quickly and the pressure was quickly relived meaning he could start healing. 

He went to Fitzpatrick referrals and has managed to avoid surgery. Awesome news. He has been referred to us for physiotherapy to regain his balance and proprioception. He has been left weak but this can all be developed amd improved. 

He is making great progress, though he is not keen to allow mum to be involved. 

So we have set Rene up with a home regime and given mum some easier excerises to achieve so that hopefully Rene will be more compliant.

Keep up the good work Rene and mum!