Performance Dog – Now Stocking the Puppy Massage DVD

Performance Dog are now Stocking the Puppy Massage DVD

We are proud to announce that the Performance Dog website are now stocking the Puppy Massage DVD. We met them at Crufts 2018 and they were happy to support our DVD.

They supply books and DVD's and lots of other things that help creat happy rounded dogs.

Here is what they say about themselves:

"At Performance Dog, we are a small, knowledgeable and friendly team with a long and dedicated history of working with dogs. We understand the specialist needs of competitors and handlers who want the best for their working partners.

We offer the UK’s largest selection of dog books and DVDs, covering all aspects of care, behaviour and learning, plus sports equipment, therapy products and a brilliant range of interactive dog toys. We research all our products carefully and offer the best from the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia. Our suppliers include Clean Run, Dogwise, Tawzer Dog, Wicked Hounds, Clip N Go Agility and Tug-E-Nuff .

As Dogbooksonline we earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service. The new name Performance Dog better reflects the wide range of products we now offer, but the same old values apply; you, the customer, comes first.

If you have a question, please contact us. If you want a product you we don’t currently stock, we will do our best to source it for you.

We offer a free shipping service within the UK, as well as a next day delivery option, and international delivery. Our aim to dispatch all orders within one working day."

Performance Dog

Performance Dog

Thank you for stocking the Puppy Massage DVD Performance Dog! We are all working together to get the world massaging thier dogs. Start young and keep them healthy, happy and confident.

Now stocked at Performance Dog

Now stocked at Performance Dog

Puppy Massage DVD – Nearly 1 year anniversary

Puppy Massage DVD - Nearly 1 year anniversary

Puppy Massage DVD - 1 year

Puppy Massage DVD


Puppy Massage DVD - Nearly 1 year anniversary. So incredible how time flies!

We released the Puppy Massage DVD on 20th August 2016. So it will be 1 year old in just 5 days! You can reminisce on our launch day here.

Over our year the DVD has become very popular and now has multiple stockists and remains highly supported. We were even in Crufts 2016 being sold on the Photizo stand as a great compliment to their photizovet, photo-therapy machine.

Puppy Massage DVD at crufts

Puppy Massage DVD at crufts

We are keeping our introductory price for the full 1 year, but then it will be going up to the normal price of £15. But we will do free Postage and Packaging. So get your copy now, before the price change.

The benefits of massage are well known. This DVD is good for the whole family to use and is designed to:

  • Teach how to create a relaxing environment at home
  • Show excellent relaxing massage techniques
  • Increase circulation, which helps more valuable nutrition which is carried in the blood, get to all the areas its needed for a growing or healing body
  • Get the puppy used to being handled all over its body which reduces stress during a veterinary examination so the vet will be highly impressed
  • Increase a trusting and loving bond
  • Help move any toxins after exercise
  • Encourages the release of hormones that make you feel happy
Puppy Massage Launch team photos

Paws in the Park.
Donna Wills (centre, back) with her team on the Animal Physiotherapy stand.

Review from the President of the British Veterinary nursing associationImage result for 5 star images

"Donna explains each technique very clearly and shows how spending time with yourBVNA Logo puppy performing massage can be both therapeutic to dog and owner alike, these techniques will greatly improve the overall well being of your puppy" - Samantha Morgan

Review from Beverly Cuddy, Editor of Dogs Today MagazineImage result for 5 star images

“Every dog wants their owner to watch this!” DT logo 2014
“If only every puppy could grow up loving a human's touch. Donna teaches you how to get even closer to your best friend than ever before."

Find out more one our Puppy Massage DVD page.