Welcome to Monty



Hello and welcome to Monty. So sweet. He had an intervertebral disk disease issue a few years ago that was fixed and everything seemed to be fine.

But then it seemed to happen again. The owner did really well and was very pleased with opting for conservative management, so no surgery. The healing was quite quick. But after approx 4 weeks, they noticed that the kyphotic (arched) spine shape had remained. So they decided to get us involved to help.

This can be the case due to chronic back pain grumbeling away and poor strength in the core muscles. So we reduced his excercise right down to a little and often regime so snap into a better walking posture. We also gave core strengthening excercises.

We are pleased to say Monty has responded really well and has now lost the arched back and is enjoying his walk regime again.

Well done Monty and family.

Welcome to Sandy



Hello and welcome to Sandy. She is so sweet and actually a very good healer! She had a total hip replacement not that long ago and recovered really well. But she is also accident prone. She managed to severly sprain her hock on the other hind limb. She saw the referral specialist, who put the limb in a brace and allowed it to be supported through the healing phase. The brace was gradually reduced in strength so that more support was done by the dog and it could strengthen. This is how braces should be done. As a result the recovery was brilliant. But she has now come for physio to strengthen her limb and get her back to normal life.

Dad has been great at following the program set and she is recovering well. This all takes time and involves gradually building the load and stress put through the limb so thay the strength is rebuilt and no more damage is done.

She will soon be back to normal. Keep up the good work dad and Sandy.

Welcome to Heidi



Hello and welcome to Heidi. She is a beautiful young pointer. She is only 17months old.

One day she was out having fun and then went very lame. After a trip to the vets and some Nsaid's she recovered quickly. The vet had warned her it may be a cruciate rupture. As she recovered so fast and well, mum didnt worry further.

But then a few months later it happened again. So this time mum decided she wanted to try physio to see if that would help.

So we have set her up with a home regime that will build muscle and encourage good use of the limb again.

But sadly its diffucult in dogs over 15kg if it is cruciate damage. So we are giving it a go, but mum is aware she may need to go back to the vet for furtger investigation if we dont get good results soon.

Keep up the good work mum and Heidi. Surgery is always scary, so its worth exploring all options before making your decisuon, if you have the luxury of time.

Welcome to Bertie



Hello and welcome to Bertie. A sweet dog but very anxious.

He has been plaged with issues for most of his life. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis. This was then managed but is a life long problem. Mum soon realised that it was not the whole story. She felt he was still in pain. He was referred to a specialist. Though the issue remains a mystery.

So Bertie has been referred for physio to help manage the pain. We have set a gentle home regime to maintain strength. So far, we have had some progress so this is excellent news as this is such a mystry problem.

Keep up the good work mum and Bertie.

Welcome to Bertie



Hello and welcome to Bertie. This very sweet Cockerpoo is only 4 months old abd already been through quite alot. His vigilant parents noticed there was the odd issue. Then the vets confirmed this. On x-ray they found sever hip dysplaia. One side had no hip socket at all.

So Bertie was referred to lumbry park. There he was given "toggles" in both hips. These are designed to keep the hips stable. The worst side failed quite quickly and a revision was done to remove the femoral head and neck (the top of the thigh bone) so that scar tissue can form a new false joint. Sadly it all tightened up quite quickly. So he was sent for physio.

We set mum and dad up with a gentle rehab program that encouraged him to put the limb down and relax and to start feeling confidence in it. It will take time for the physio to work, but mum said he was already walking on all 4 limbs the following day. Great news.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Bertie!

Welcome to Blade



Hello and welcome to Blade. Beautiful husky. Rescued in his prime. He has quite a story. Luckily now he has a wonderful new mum to look after him.

But she noticed his hind looking odd in his gait amd a few suspicious signs. The vets at first diagnosed hip dysplasia and now another vet decided its not so we have no formal diagnosis. But it certainly seems like hip dysplasia. Mum awaits another opinion.

In the meantime we have done our assessment and treatment and set a home excercise regime that will gradually build strength in the hind.

Keep up the good work mum and Blade. We'll have you feeling better soon!

Welcome to Esme

Hello and welcome to Esme. She is a very sweet pug and been impressivly active in her happy life. 

In the last year her parents have noticed some moments of weakness in the hind and this has progressed to more serious weakness. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia but not spinal issues. 

So they have come for physiotherapy. This is wonderful as there is lots we can do. We have set Esme up with a home regime that focuses on proprioception work. This will work to improve nerve function and increase strength, co ordination and balance.

Mum, dad and Esme are all very dedicated. Keep up the good work! 😊



Welcome to Chewy

Hello and Welcome to Chewy. 

This rescue Akita has been through a lot in life. But he is well loved now. His mum is so dedicated to making sure he is ok. 

He is a challange as he is one of the very few patients who does not like being touched. So its a very gentle approach. 

He rescently had TPLO surgery on his knee and his recovery was mediocre so he needs a bit of help to get his confidence in the limb and build some muscle. 

Its ok even if we cant touch the patient as much as we would like. Its easy to see the problem when you watch him move and we can set easy excercises to gently work the limb without needing to pull him around. So this is what we have done. In time we hope he will learn to trust us and we will build our relationship. In the mean time, we are pleased to say that our point was already proven and mum reported Chewy is already making great progress and getting back to his old antics within just a week!

Keep up the good work mum and Chewy!



Welcome to Jake

Hello and welcome to jake. 

This hansome cockerspaniel was rescently diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis. 

Both owner and vet agree conservative managment is ideal in this case and not surgery. 

So he has come for physio. He had already responded well to the accupuncture which relieved the pain. Having done our assessment, we have set him up with a home regime. This includes a little weight loss, muscle building, some adjustments to his home life and some stretches. 

We are confident he will feel better soon. Once we get his hips doing a more comfortable level of healthy excercise, and we get some muscle built up, this will support the hips further and keep him comfortable and slow the progression of the arthritis. 

Good luck mum and Jake, you're going to be fine, fit and healthy.