New Stockist For Puppy Massage DVD – Worcestershire Animal Therapy

New Stockist For the Puppy Massage DVD - Worcestershire Animal Therapy

We have a new stockist for the Puppy Massage DVD, Worcestershire Animal Therapy.

Puppy Massage DVD - 1 year

Puppy Massage DVD


They see how important this is for their patients and clients, and see how this will aid

the owners in learning how to massage their dogs. This basic, but thorough massage guide is a strong basis for the therapist to build on for the specific patient requirements.

Worcestershire Animal Therapy is a mobile based company offering Laser therapy treatments. Emily is currently studying as an animal Physiotherapist and so shortly this will also be added to our list of current services. Emily is a registered veterinary nurse (RVN) with years of experience with animals. She is dedicated to improving the lives of all animals but has a specific interest in Arthritis management. Emily also has a certificate in feline medicine and enjoys treating all sorts of species. Janine is an animal nursing assistant that also works alongside with Emily offering Laser therapy. She is dedicated to ensuring all their patients get cuddles and treats!

Worcestershire Animal Therapy has an online shop. They are a team of 3, offering home LASER therapy, Equine massage and other home services like nail clipping.

Worcestershire Animal Therapy


The Puppy Massage DVD

The Puppy Massage DVD

We are so pleased to update you on the progress of the Puppy Massage DVD.

Its now ready to be sent to the printers and will be available to buy very soon!

The official release date of the DVD is 20th of August where it will have its premier viewing for you and your dog, at Paws in the Park, Braybrook Park, Makepiece Road, Bracknell Berkshire. 11am-3.30. There will be lots more to see and do at the event too.

We are so pleased with the immense support we have had in bringing this project to life. We thank T.V. Vet Paul Manktelow for supporting the project, and the president of the British veterinary Nursing Association and the Editor of Dogs Today magazine for their 5 star reviews!

We are taking this to DogFest on Sunday so that you can have your first opportunity to pre-order the DVD.

Puppy Massage DVD. Release date 20th August 2016

Puppy Massage DVD. Release date 20th August 2016

This DVD has been developed by Animal Physiotherapy Ltd in celebration of their 10 year anniversary. It was a successful kickstarter backed project.

Its aim is to help owners learn how to do massage on their dog so they feel confident in handling and touching them in this way. The puppy will also become a confident, happy puppy, who is at ease being handled and touched all over their body. This will make life more pleasant with the vet, groomer or any future therapist. It is also the basis of any home massage your dogs therapist may tell you to do if they ever have any ailments that require any form of physical therapy in their life.

This DVD will set you up with skills for a lifetime.

Review from the President of the British Veterinary nursing associationImage result for 5 star images

"Donna explains each technique very clearly and shows how spending time with yourBVNA Logo puppy performing massage can be both therapeutic to dog and owner alike, these techniques will greatly improve the overall well being of your puppy" - Samantha Morgan

Review from Beverly Cuddy, Editor of Dogs Today MagazineImage result for 5 star images

“Every dog wants their owner to watch this!” DT logo 2014
“If only every puppy could grow up loving a human's touch. Donna teaches you how to get even closer to your best friend than ever before."