Welcome to Willow



Hello and welcome to Willow.

This is a sweet spaniel.

He ruptured his cruciate ligament.

He had a TPLO surgery. This is a very successful type of surgery. His recovery waa good, but as so often with these cases, he had extensive muscle loss.

So we set a program to encourage muscle to not deteriorate through the early phases of recovery, and then gradally grow the muscle bulk as he improves.

He is doing really well. Well done mum and Willow!

Welcome to Chewy

Hello and Welcome to Chewy. 

This rescue Akita has been through a lot in life. But he is well loved now. His mum is so dedicated to making sure he is ok. 

He is a challange as he is one of the very few patients who does not like being touched. So its a very gentle approach. 

He rescently had TPLO surgery on his knee and his recovery was mediocre so he needs a bit of help to get his confidence in the limb and build some muscle. 

Its ok even if we cant touch the patient as much as we would like. Its easy to see the problem when you watch him move and we can set easy excercises to gently work the limb without needing to pull him around. So this is what we have done. In time we hope he will learn to trust us and we will build our relationship. In the mean time, we are pleased to say that our point was already proven and mum reported Chewy is already making great progress and getting back to his old antics within just a week!

Keep up the good work mum and Chewy!



Welcome to Lucy

Hello and welcome to Lucy. She is a beautiful labradoodle and has been doing great for many years. But one day she ran off in her play and had an accident and ruptured her criciate ligament. It is suprisingly easily done and something we see frequently. 

She ended up needing to see a specialist who did a TPLO procedure to fix the stifle (knee). 

She has done wonderfully following the surgery but she does now need physiotherapy to regain lost muscle and get some confidence in the limb. 

We have set her up with a home excercise regime. She is doing really well and we will have her feeling loads better very soon. 

Keep up the good work Lucy and family!