Welcome to Billy



Hello and welcome to Billy.

This very sweat dog has highly compassionate owners.

His dad saw he was getting weak in his hind and wanted to make sure he was doing his best for him.

So he came for his physio assessment. He was not doing badly at all, but we can always make improvements.

So we set a home regime to help him be more comfortable. It was important we worked on strength building and keeping his nerve healthy and functional.

Keep up the good work dad, family and Billy!

Welcome to Charlie



Hello and welcome to Charlie. It was lovely to see a standard poodle as they have become quite a rare breed.

Charlie was a lovely, but quite nervy boy. He has been quite weak in the hind so mum felt physio would help. She had tried hydrotherapy but as he was quite stressed, it wasn't really working out for him.

We did his assessment and set him up with an appropriate home excercise regime. He took to it well.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Charlie!

Welcome to Marley



Hello and welcome to Marley. Such a sweet cat. He has been referred for physio because he is starting to show weakness in his hind limbs.

Cats are so resiliant that many seem to show no issues from the day they are born to the day they go. So it takes a vigilant owner to spot the problems.

It often seems like cats dont get mobility issues but they do suffer arthritis just like all animals. Spotting the signs can be very subtle. They may just go out less, sleep more, not groom themselves, not jump as often and such like. This can be such a gradual thing that you often forget how active your cat once was. But do remember, we slow down for a reason and thats often because we ache.

So we have done our exam and found that Marley is actually doing brilliantly and his mum has picked up on the signs very fast. This is wonderful as early treatment will be so effective and build him up for a happy future.

We have set Marley up with a strengthening program and done some massage to comfort his lower back.

Keep up the good work mum and Marley! We'll have you feeling better in no time.

Welcome to Masey

Hello and welcome to Macey. Such a sweet hungarian visla. But so timid.

She has started to show issues in her hind so came to us for an assessment. We found she has some neurological deficits and hind limb weakness.

So we set her a home regime. Every patient is different, so even though this was a very similar to another new case we had come in earlier the same day, her regime was still very different and suited to her individual needs.

Keep up the good work Macey and mum!

Welcome to Humphrey

Hello and welcome to Humphrey! What a lovely boy. We are pleased to now welcome the whole family as we also treat his brother from another doggy mummy! 

Poor Humphrey was happy and enjoying life when he suddenly went seriously weak in the hind. This breed are known for thier spinal issues and weaknesses. So mum got him to the vet but sadly he was not immensily compliant so he was put on cage rest, anti-inflammatories and to see us. 

We are pleased to say that he had made great peogress all by himself in only a few days! This is great news. But we are now managing the recovery as its important we look at reasons why it may have happened and address any core strength issues as these support the back. We also dont want him doing too much before he is genuinly recovered and off the medication. 

So we have set Humphyrey and mum up with a home excercise regime. 

Keep up the good work mum and Humphrey!



Welcome to Esme

Hello and welcome to Esme. She is a very sweet pug and been impressivly active in her happy life. 

In the last year her parents have noticed some moments of weakness in the hind and this has progressed to more serious weakness. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia but not spinal issues. 

So they have come for physiotherapy. This is wonderful as there is lots we can do. We have set Esme up with a home regime that focuses on proprioception work. This will work to improve nerve function and increase strength, co ordination and balance.

Mum, dad and Esme are all very dedicated. Keep up the good work! 😊