Video Testimonials

We let our clients speak for us

Owner of Mitsy Honey. After receiving treatment for their cat, Mitsy. Mitsy had 4 patella operations as both knees had to be done and both times failed. She also managed to break her leg when in the cage on her recovery. A very unlucky cat! But she is now doing so much better and is back to her old life and old habits!


Testimonial From Ben Trimmer MRCVS. Downlands veterinary group.


Testimonial form Stephan Bauhofer MRCVS.


Martin Watson MRCVS, Owner and veterinary surgeon of Forest House veterinary group in Windsor. Giving a testimonial for Animal physiotherapy and Donna Wills.


Animal Physiotherapy gets a testimonial from Vicky, a vet at Forest House Veterinary group , Windsor, Berkshire. Her dog, Marley had a ruptured cruciate.


Stephanie Mehanna of the pet spa at Harrods, Knightsbridge, gives her view on the services of Animal physiotherapy Ltd.


Testimonial for Animal Physiotherapy from Simon Orr MRCVS, partner of Castle vets. They refer many patients and are based in Reading, Berkshire. Animal Physiotherapy is in there every Wednesday.


Emmy Miles fell form a first floor height. She Broke her back and was paralysed. The vet gave a poor prognosis. But with hard work and dedication of the owners, to follow all exercises set, we got her walking and running again in just 4 weeks! Well done Mr and Mrs Miles!


Mrs Boyles gives a testimonial. Her Labrador Billy started physiotherapy at 6 months old. He was diagnosed with sever hip dysplasia. X-rays were looked at by a specialist and the vet felt physio was the best option and they would review 6 months later. 6 months on the x-rays revealed Billy's hips back in correct position! No surgery needed. Very happy mummy!


Ms Newcombe gives a testimonial for Animal Physiotherapy. Her boxer cross suffers Spondylosis in the back. Physiotherapy has held off the back pain and kept the lameness at bay. Prior to physio she was regularly lame. She no longer needs medication. She has physio once a month for maintenance.


Mrs Livesy gives a testimonial. Her Corgi, Polly was suffering degenerative nerve disease. Physio was helping keep Polly comfortable. As the illness was impacting her mobility, her back became painful and she needed physio to keep her as well as possible.


A testimonial from Mrs May. Her dog Holly, suffers sever osteoarthritis in the forelimbs, and hind limb weakness. She is now very much better.


Mrs Frame giving a testimonial for Animal Physiotherapy Ltd. She brings both dogs. Tilly and Gunner are both golden retrievers. Tilly is young and had hip dyspalsia. Gunner is old and suffers sever osteoarthritis. Both have benefited greatly.


Sophie, a  nurse at Vets4pets giving a testimonial for Animal Physiotherapy Ltd. Barney has hip dysplasia.


Ms Ede gives a testimonial for Animal Physiotherapy Ltd. Tui is a competitive agility dog. Ms Ede feels it is imperative she is kept healthy and happy and in top condition.


Testimonial for Animal Physiotherapy Ltd by Mrs Leaky. Her spaniel, Indy suffered hip dysplasia. Since having physiotherapy he is able to enjoy longer walks on the beach without lameness.


Mrs MacBeth gives a testimonial for Animal Physiotherapy Ltd. Her Labrador started physio following cruciate repair complications. He was suffering a luxating patella. This is now all fixed. He is now having ongoing treatment for his osteoarthritis in his forelimbs.


A testimonial From Oscar's dad. He came to me suffering the effects of severe osteoarthritis.


Boo Hanekom is a veteran competition agility dog.


A Testimonial for Animal Physiotherapy Ltd. With Tyson, a staffordshire bull terrier with severe osteoarthritis.