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What I do in an Animal physiotherapy Consultation

Hi! I decided to do a go live series so that people knew more about what happens in an animal physiotherapy consult and what us animal physio's can do. So here is a series of videos I recorded live.

What I do differently when Treating a cat as apposed to a dog in a consultation

This was my Go live mini video detailing what I do differently when treating Cats as apposed to dogs, in a consultation. Its just a brief, but gives you and idea.

What do I do differently when treating a Rabbit

Hi. This quick short video just tells you whart I do differently when treating a rabbit. There is always so much variation between species!
Its so helpful to write a mobility diary to help you see how your pet is progressing. It helps you see the good and bad days, genuinely, without our human tendancy to catrastrophise…
A brief description of the benefits of massage with a human massuse, as its the same weather human or animal.
Information about our Puppy Massage DVD. Get your copy of the Puppy massage DVD so that you can learn how to massage your own dog in the comfort of your own home!
Great for any age, not just puppies. If you start young, they have life long benefits and its becomes a normal part of life. If you start them older, they will benefit from all the wonders that massage can bring.
The DVD is a step by step visual learning aid and has a free digital upload so can be used on any device.
Find out more at
Here I interview Dr Megan Kelly of Online Pet health. Learn what has motivated her to develope the biggest global platform for online education for animal physiotherapists to prefessionally develope and be the best then can be. Dr Kelly always has a host of speakers from accross the globe, keeping us updated on the newset information on all aspects of rehab and pain management. Thank You Megan!
Its International Pain awareness month. Here I speak about the importance of being aware of pain and smoe methods to help you know if you pet is in pain. We can use pain scores to help us get sciency and have a better understanding of our loved ones needs.