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Here you can watch our Vlogs. There has been many over the years and they are all hosted on our Youtube channel. You can subscribe to the youtube channel so you get notifed.

Meanwhile, you can also like and follow our Facebook page, where many of these videos are done using the "go live" posting option. This means you can see the videos live and interact with Donna.

Websites evolve, so this is a new page, so you can explore the website to find more of our videos.

What I do in an Animal physiotherapy Consultation

Hi! I decided to do a go live series so that people knew more about what happens in an animal physiotherapy consult and what us animal physio's can do. So here is a series of videos I recorded live.

What I do differently when Treating a cat as apposed to a dog in a consultation

This was my Go live mini video detailing what I do differently when treating Cats as apposed to dogs, in a consultation. Its just a brief, but gives you and idea.

What do I do differently when treating a Rabbit

Hi. This quick short video just tells you whart I do differently when treating a rabbit. There is always so much variation between species!